"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 17 Destroyed (3)

Fei Yan laughed. Turning to look at Ouyang Jun.
“You’re accountable for your words brother.”
Fei Yan’s voice held a mischievous tone. But Ouyang Jun couldn’t laugh. Because Wu Qing’s sword was stuck deeply in his chest.
Ouyang Jun looked at Fei Yan, he wanted to see some kind of emotion from her eyes, but he couldn’t. Fei Yan laughed, she laughed very happily.
Fresh blood flowed along Ouyang Jun’s body to the ground, quickly there was a puddle of bright red.
Fei Yan held Ouyang Jun’s body to sit on the ground.
Ouyang Jun opened his mouth painfully.
“Is this the reason why you wanted me to come here?”
Fei Yan was still laughing.
“Brother, you said you wanted me to be happy. You said you don’t care whatever you lose right? Then for your sister’s happiness go and die.”
Fei Yan spoke very easily, without a hint of sadness.
“Why? You…”
“Shen Xin Ci will definitely be backfired by Wu Qing’s internal strength, she’ll definitely die. But even if I’m hurt, Wu Qing will still not hate her. If brother you were killed by Shen Xin Ci, Wu Qing would feel really guilty. So brother you must help me. I will live happily with Wu Qing.”
A tear fell from the corner of Ouyang Jun’s eye.
Wu Qing was right, I spoiled Fei Yan too much, he never thought she would go this far because of Wu Qing. Everything was his fault.
OIyang Jun gradually lost his strength, he knew he would really die from his sister’s hands.
Wu Qing on the bed gradually woke up. Fei Yan noticed his hand moving a little. She spared no effort in crying.
“Brother, wake up, you can’t leave Fei Yan. Brother.”
Ouyang Jun was really pulled back by her cries, looking at Fei Yan’s tears he felt even sadder.
Right now you’ll only cry for me because of a scheme.
Wu Qing rapidly woke up. He hurriedly sat up, seeing the house in a complete mess, Fei Yan sitting on the floor holding Ouyang Jun, the floor long ago covered in a bright red.
He stood up after putting on his shoes. He felt dizzy for a while. Swaying as he walked to Ouyang Jun.
He was stunned by the Lan Yun sword stuck in his body.
“What happened here?”
Fei Yan cried as she spoke.
“It was Shen Xin Ci, [whimpering]. Wu Qing, you have to seek revenge for my brother.”
Wu Qing stood in a daze unable to move.
Ouyang Jun used all his strength to hold him with both hands.
His eyes were filled with regret, he couldn’t explain anything. He only said softly.
“I’m sorry.”
Slowly he closed his eyes.
Fei Yan seeing Ouyang Jun had died. She cried even louder.
Ouyang Jun’s “I’m sorry” echoed in Wu Qing’s ears.
Why did he apologise to me, what happened here.

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  1. Stupid brother... Oh well... That's what you get from spoiling your insane sister...
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