"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 42 Marriage

Early next morning, as Xin Ci was about to go out of the door she saw Mu Nian Qing heading her way.
“Yes. Can you talk?”
Mu Nian Qing woke up and directly came to Lan Yun Pavilion, even though he knew if he expressed his feelings right now it was too eager, but if he keeps dragging it on he didn’t know how long he had to wait.
Xin Ci nodded his head, turning her body and making a welcoming gesture she entered the house with Mu Nian Qing.
Ying Xue who was tidying the house on seeing who had arrived was shocked that she nearly broke a teacup. Speaking she bowed her head.
“Castle Master. Lady cousin.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded his head, he didn’t care about Ying Xue’s abnormal behaviour. He sat close by Xin Ci at the table.
“Ying Xue, you’re dismissed.”
Since coming in through the door Xin Ci discovered Ying Xue’s anxiousness, it would be better to get her to leave.
Ying Xue knew Xin Ci was worried about her.
“Yes, Lady cousin.”
Slightly bowing she withdrew from the room, closing the door.
The room was unusually quiet, suddenly Mu Nian Qing could not open his mouth.
“Cousin has something to discuss with Xin Ci?”
Mu Nian Qing lightly cleared his throat.
“I know about your pregnancy, I wonder what cousin’s plans are?”
So it was about this. Xin Ci smiled slightly.
“This is mine and Wu Qing’s child, of course I’ll give birth, thank you for your trouble over it cousin.”
Mu Nian Qing already knew the answer before, but hearing Xin Ci say it, his heart was very depressed.
“Cousin, a child born without a father’s love is very pitiful, I…”
Mu Nian Qing stopped speaking half way, speaking his mind because of a child was not in his plans.
“I have the thought to marry cousin as my wife, looking after cousin and your unborn child, what does cousin think about it?”
Xin Ci looked at Mu Nian Qing in surprise, seeing his eyes uncontrollably drift elsewhere.
“Truthfully, if not for Auntie and Uncle’s death, I would definitely have visited your home to conclude a marriage. Now it’s already too late. But I will definitely not treat cousin unfairly. This lifetime only cousin is sufficient.”
Xin Ci stood up in embarrassment, Mu Nian Qing eyes followed her closely, his heart uneasy.
Marrying again, she never thought about it. Not to mention, she and Wu Qing might be separated but they were still husband and wife. Even if Wu Qing hates her right now, she couldn’t do anything to betray Wu Qing, this lifetime, she is destined to be Wu Qing’s wife.
“Cousin, Xin Ci is very thankful for your love. Please forgive Xin Ci for not being able to accept cousin’s heart. Wu Qing did not break me, and I won’t betray him. How can I marry someone else. Cousin took me in, looked after me, Xin Ci is not very grateful. But Xin Ci will not marry cousin in gratitude. That would not be fair to cousin.”
Mu Nian Qing stood up to look at Xin Ci. Xin Ci had spoken with much determination. If he nagged her it would only push apart their distance.
It was worth mentioning. He long knew, he was too late. It was pointless to say anymore.
“I understand. Since cousin has decided to give birth to the child, then cousin will definitely support you. Go rest. I will go over to see Wen Kai.”
Xin Ci bowed slightly.
“Cousin take care.”
Mu Nian Qing turned around, pushed over the door and left the room.
Xin Ci sat on the chair, hand gently stroking her lower abdomen which still hadn’t shown, her face filled with a happy smile.
Child, mother will certainly look after you well.

T/N: Poor Mu Nian Qing. BTW a random note but this story actually does start developing more soon so stay tuned!!!

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