"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 78 Tavern

Xin Ci seeing the look of hatred Wu Qing held as he looked at the children, alarmed, quickly moved to block them from his sight.
“Let’s go.”
Xin Ci’s voice was calm without anything else. Mu Nian Qing watched her back, he knew what she meant. These two children were of her flesh and blood, she was stopping him from saying they were Wu Qing’s flesh and blood. So as to avoid any more incidents, otherwise it may precede onto the matter of Xin Ci killing Ouyang Jun. This time it was extremely dangerous for Xin Ci to leave.
“Mu, hurry…stop Xin Ci.”
Wen Kai struggled wanting to get up, his heart was strong but his body was not. Mu Nian Qing looked at Wen Kai, quickly kneeling to support him. Stopping him from moving unnecessarily. Also striking the acupuncture points of both children. Preventing them from exposing the truth.
“Xin Ci, cousin will grudgingly let you go this time, this time cousin will support you.”
All along Mu Nian Qing had unceasing feelings for Xin Ci. She loves Nangong Wu Qing, He chose to fulfil her. But…Mu Nian Qing turned his head to look at Wu Qing, his tone getting colder and colder.
“Nangong Wu Qing, I allow Xin Ci to go with you, but if Xin Ci receives any harm, I will wipe out your Hidden Castle.”
Wu Qing’s attractive eyes filled with distain, he coldly humphed and pulled Xin Ci into his arms.
“The Hidden Castle of today is no longer the Hidden Castle of before. Mu Nian Qing, you’ll be asking for it.”
Having spoken Wu Qing took Xin Ci and flew out of You Ming Castle, the two figures disappeared from Mu Nian Qing’s line of sight. Mu Nian Qing hurriedly released the two children, unconsciously carrying Wen Kai into the house.
On the way Wu Qing did not speak to Xin Ci at all, having taken her out of You Ming Castle he hurried to the Hidden Castle on horseback, Xin Ci in Wu Qing’s embrace, her heart was deeply in pain, this familiar embrace will never belong to her again.
Arriving at a tavern Wu Qing lifted Xin Ci off the horse and never touched her again. Xin Ci stood on the spot watching Xin Ci’s back, she couldn’t help but want to embrace his shoulders, she wanted to be surrounded by his warmth.
“Follow me.”
Wu Qing noticed Xin Ci had stopped still, he abruptly threw out these words without looking at her.
“Give me the best room, prepare the best dishes and deliver them up.”
The waiter seeing Wu Qing exuberating a cold air, did not dare to linger, he promptly stepped forward leading Wu Qing upstairs to the best room.
Xin Ci without a word followed behind Wu Qing, the indifferent attitude and her head full of silver hair attracted everyone’s attention. But because of Wu Qing in front of her they trembled and withdrew their looks. That imposing manner made them afraid to dare to provoke.
“Guest, this is the best room you want.”
He waiter pushed open the door and stood to the side. Wu Qing examined everything. He nodded his head satisfied. The waiter looked at Xin Ci behind Wu Qing, eyes filled with shock.
Heavens, is this a fairy? Dressed entirely in snow white, a head full of silver hair swayed gently with Xin Ci’s light steps. Delicate and pretty face possessed an extraordinary grace and elegance. This young lady was simply a heavenly immortal woman descended to the world.

T/N: I’ve decided our female lead is very pretty to the eyes of others but because all the male characters are so pretty themselves and are used to beautiful people the author doesn’t really go on about it unless a “commoner” appears haha