"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 93 Adopted Daughter

Wu Qing feeling a drawn out scorching pain through his entire body woke up, as he opened his eyes the hate in them was even clearer.
Damn it, he didn’t think there would be poison on the whip. Luckily he had used his internal strength to protect his body, otherwise he really didn’t know how long he would be unconscious for.
Wu Qing who felt temporarily unable to move, hearing the sounds of crying slightly turned his head. Shocked his eyes widened. He didn’t dare to believe the scene in front of him. Rage pounded against Wu Qing’s reasoning, suddenly, he exerted all his body strength to stand from the bed and walk to Xin Ci, pulling Xin Ci to stand by her hair. Raising his hand ready to slap her, Ouyang Shao Kun seeing this scene, quickly raised his hand to block both Wu Qing’s hands, bellowing.
“Wu Qing, what are you doing?”
Wu Qing hearing him froze on the spot gently putting down his hands, releasing Xin Ci’s hair.
“Uncle Kun.”
Ouyang Shao Kun dropped Wu Qing’s hand, going to help Xin Ci who Wu Qing had dropped on the floor.
“Child, are you okay?”
Xin Ci’s eyes sluggishly looked at Uncle Kun, gently shaking her head.
Wu Qing sudden movement just now really scared her, the pain on her scalp was incomparable to the pain in her heart, even though she tells herself not to care every time, but she was really tired.
Ouyang Shao Kun seeing Xin Ci’s helpless expression shook his head, could he tell them everything? No, even though he knew how everything had ended up this way, but he could not tell them from beginning to end.
After helping Xin Ci up he turned his hand to slap Wu Qing. Wu Qing was knocked down to the ground.
“Wu Qing, you truly disappoint Uncle Kun too much.”
Xin Ci hearing his words returned to her senses, quickly rushing to support Wu Qing, but was pushed away by Wu Qing. She silently stood to the side.
“Uncle Kun, she is the murderer who killed Jun, she also thought of killing me, even if I treat her more cruelly it would fall short of the pain she caused me. Don’t be deceived by her graceful words, flowery speech.”
Ouyang Shao Kun slapped him again.
This time Xin Ci remained on the spot not daring to move.
“Something has already taken over you[1], Wu Qing, carefully think about if the Xin Ci you love really is like that? Is she really someone with a mouth full of lies who deceived you?”
Wu Qing turned his head, both eyes glowing red.
He should believe her? Then who is going to tell him, what is the point of his suffering these past years? If she didn’t betray him, why did she after she left him have a son with another man. This wretched person even wants Uncle Kun. Sorting out his mind, Wu Qing wouldn’t be un-filial to contradict Uncle Kun, to him, Uncle Kun was like a father.
“Uncle Kun, you don’t need to trouble over our problems, please return. Wu Qing is also tired, I want to rest.”
Ouyang Shao Kun shook his sleeve, sitting on a chair he poured himself a cup of tea as he deliberated.
“Your wounds still haven’t healed, these days I will be living upstairs, and I’ve already taken Xin Ci as my adopted daughter, apart from your injuries, I will also treat her illness. I won’t leave for a while.”
[1] `走火入魔` Hard to explain but he’s not possessed or anything. More like obsessed about something that he is blinded from the truth.

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  1. I like the old man… although I know nothing about him, he is the first impulsive character to do what’s right… but why would he keep quiet… D: I hope he doesn’t take it to his grave xD
    1. Why do you think? Of course it’s to anger fans worldwide and pile on the unnecessary angst. I really feel like chopping of his probably very long, white beard. He better (I mean the author better) have a good reason for keeping silent on the matter…!