"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 91 The True Essence in This

Fei Yan could not but tightly grip both her hands into fists, her face also at this moment became aloof.
“Fei Yan understands, I’ll arrange things as Uncle Fu asks. I’ll go and bring her here right now.”
Having spoken, Fei Yan turned to leave but was halted by Ouyang Shao Kun.
“No need, Fei Yan stay here and help me. Liu Quan, go bring the Castle Master’s wife here.”
The guard called Liu Quan cupped his fist in one hand, nodding his head he turned and left the room.
Fei Yan shook out her sleeves, standing behind Ouyang Shao Kun without a word.
She had a feeling, this Uncle Kun even though for many years he hasn’t paid attention to the affairs of the world, but this time when he left Zhu Lin it seems like he could see through everything. Could it be he also wants to stop her? During the time when mother and father both passed away one after the other, it was Uncle Kun who took care of them as they grew up. There couldn’t be no feelings, but, if Uncle Kun wanted to stop her, she did not mind making him take a deep sleep in a coffin earlier.
Ouyang Shao Kun also didn’t call Fei Yan, allowing her to stand to one side. He began to inspect Wu Qing’s body. The moment he placed his hand on Wu Qing’s wrist, he frowned deeply. He quietly thought to himself.
It’s good that he came, or else he wouldn’t know what happened. The him who had lost Ouyang Jun, did not want to also lose Nangong Wu Qing.
The two people in the room continued their silence, each in their own train of thought.
Quite a while after, the door was pushed open. The guard entered bringing Xin Ci.
“Uncle Kun, I’ve bought her.”
Ouyang Shao Kun lifted his head looking at Xin Ci behind Liu Quan, after seeing her head of white hair he couldn’t help but smile.
She was a pure child, also having suffered such injuries. Sin, sin.
Shaking his head he lifted his hand, gently calling.
“Child, come. Let me look at you.”
Ouyang Shao Kun’s voice trembled slightly, Xin Ci not understanding just looked at him. She only unexpectedly saw tears spilling over the corner of his eyes. Quickly she ran a few steps forward holding his hand.
“Good child, a really good child. Fei Yan, Liu Quan, leave first. Two of us here is enough.”
Fei Yan glared at their hands joined together, she wanted to retort, but she didn’t want a dispute with Uncle Kun. Shaking her sleeves she left the room, without saying a word.
Liu Quan followed Fei Yan and left, shutting the door and guarding outside.
Ouyang Shao Kun let go of Xin Ci’s hand, making her sit on the chair by the bed.
“Child, you have been wronged these past years.”
Xin Ci was already confused as to why she was brought out of the woodshed by another person, she had thought maybe Ouyang Fei Yan wanted to torture her in momentary anger, she did not think this would be the situation right now. Who is this old man? Why did Ouyang Fei Yan listen to him. Also why did he suddenly say she had been wronged these past years?
“Could you tell me, who you are?”
Uncle Kun laughed, he liked this child. Particularly her pure eyes, causing him heartache, wanting to cherish her.
“Child, I am the Ouyang family’s great uncle, also your husband’s great uncle. You just call me Uncle Kun.”
“Uncle Kun?”
Xin ci suspiciously called, her voice warm and quiet.
Uncle Kun nodded his head, saying to Xin Ci.
“We’ll talk about some things after this, right now first help me take of Wu Qing’s clothes. Wu Qing this child is also really foolish, for the past many years the long whip used to for flogging has always been soaked in a type of substance to prevent it from rotting. The whip contains an intense toxicity as it is inflicted on the body. He actually didn’t think clearly and said he’d accept flogging punishment.
While Ouyang Shao Kun explained, he was also mixing medicinal powder one after another in his hand.
Xin ci hearing him nervously pulled at Ouyang Shao Kun’s sleeve.
“Uncle Kun, please you must save Wu Qing. It’s because of me, blame me.”
Ouyang Shao Kun put down the bottle of medicine.
“Stupid child, you and Wu Qing have both been wrong. The reason for that I’ll explain to you later. Right now saving Wu Qing is urgent.”
Xin Ci let go of her hand, hearing Ouyang Shao Kun’s words she started taking off Wu Qing’s clothes.