"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 80 Tavern (3)

T/N: WARNING! Some people may find the following chapter offence due to certain actions of certain people which may seem to be done without consent.

Late at night, after washing Xin Ci laid on the bed weighing up everything that had happened.
This time returning to the Hidden Castle with Wu Qing, whether she lives or die she doesn’t care anymore, if she dies, she hopes it would be by Wu Qing’s hands. Even if Wu Qing’s embraces her coldly she still wants to have that.
A silence filled the air inside the room, Xin Ci sighed dejectedly.
Suddenly the door was pushed open hard, the heavy smell of alcohol permeated Xin Ci’s sense of smell. Xin Ci could not help clutching the quilt to her body.
Wu Qing flung the door shut, swaying with every step as he walked to the bed.
Damn it, why looking at those ordinary common rouge powder, he would only think of the delicate fragrance on that woman’s body. She was clearly a woman of loose morals, but he still wretchedly only desires her, longing to vent the feelings from these several years.
Gradually getting closer to Xin Ci, Wu Qing smelled not the scent of alcohol on his body, rather that smell which disturbed him, the smell which he wanted to touch.
Acting without taking time to think he stripped off all the clothing on his body, he wanted to release the scorching heat of his body. Lifting up the quilt, Wu Qing laid beside Xin Ci. But he was slightly hesitant.
Xin Ci felt the roasting hot breath next to her, she suddenly felt afraid again.
Husband wouldn’t…
Wu Qing did not give Xin ci the chance to continue her thoughts, he raised his hand placing them on her waist, lightly stroking her body. The temperature from the hollo of his palm made Xin Ci’s body tremble uncontrollably. He became aware of her movement. Wu Qing rigidly tore Xin Ci’s clothes throwing them onto the floor. The shocked Xin Ci had no choice but to turn and face Wu Qing.
Seeing Xin Ci’s expression which provoked people to love her tenderly, a rage could not help but ignite in Wu Qing’s chest.
“What? Other men can touch you, but me this husband can’t?”
The cruel words scattered and smashed Xin Ci’s heart. She wanted to retort, really wanted to explain. But she was unable to open her mouth.
Wu Qing’s hand returned to caressing Xin Ci’s smooth skin, in an evil manner his voice dithered at Xin Ci’s ears.
“Me wanting you is the biggest favour I am doing for you, do you understand?”
Tears slid down Xin Ci’s cheeks, disappearing without a trace. She relaxed her body, not moving at all again…
The bright moon ashamed was covered by a black cloud, it did not dare to watch from the side lines the scenes of springtime inside the room.
Through the whole night, Wu Qing vented his own desires. Over and over again he took Xin Ci. Regardless whether or not Xin Ci could endure his passion.
The horizon gradually suffused with white. Wu Qing looked at the figure soundly sleeping in his arms, his eyebrows wrinkled tightly.
Last night, maybe he really did drink too much. Otherwise how would he have touched such a dirty woman.
Thinking of last night’s ecstasy, Wu Qing jumped out from bed as if he was escaping from Misery, putting on his own clothes.
Xin Ci’s eyebrows knitted together, softly crying out, before going back to deep sleep.
Wu Qing dressed watched her seductive sleeping face. Even though he didn’t want to care about it, but every time he hurt her, it would involuntarily float in his mind. He wanted to explain? What if she understood then what, he still wouldn’t let her off.
Flinging his sleeves, Wu Qing turned and left the room.

10 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 80 Tavern (3)

    1. Wu Qing is hardly an idiot. In fact, the actions resulting from his rage are some of the most believable actions made by characters in this story. His rage is completely rational as well.
      He believes the course of events that he was told, and has no reason to think he may have been lied to. The man he saw as a brother was killed. The woman he’s seen as a sister stated that it was Xin Ci that carried out the deed, the same Xin Ci that he forcefully married immediately after a visit to her parents which resulted in their suicide. The words of a sister-figure would hold far more weight than a woman Wu Qing barely knows, married forcefully, and that by all rights would want to see him follow her parents in death.
      Then, after dwelling on his rage for years, Wu Qing confronts her only to see her married to another man. She has two children, and even though he’s mistaken, it is an almost obvious assumption to make that both are the children of another. And yes, he may be a rapist by modern standards of morality, but you cannot apply modern morals to characters in a different setting. If you insist on doing so, you have to recognize Wen Kai as a rapist as well; he knew Xin Ci’s true feelings, but took advantage of her condition, lied to her without even looking into the facts surrounding her separation, and ultimately bedded her. He may not have been directly responsible for the act, but if he truly cared for her wishes he would not have placed her in a position for such an event to occur in the first place. He knew full well that if she was mentally intact, she would have never accepted him.
      Wu Qing is not an idiot. He is simply a man betrayed by one of the people he should be able to trust most. A woman he grew up with, someone he sees as a sister, and one of the few remaining people he considers family. A girl that was doted upon by her elder brother; that she may have killed her only blood-related relative is not a possibility that would normally be considered under the circumstances. He may be an alpha-male jerk allowing himself to be controlled by a need for revenge, but he’s no idiot.
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      1. I agree that the other man, Wen Kai is a rapist – by today’s standards. He and that cousin + cousin’s wife did no friendly favour to her. In an earlier comment, I mentioned the same – these were the people to keep her safe, especially when she lost her memory but they cheated her. It would have been better to be known enemies than pretend to be friends / family and lie about such things.
        None of them have paused to think about what they are doing, to each other and her, and though no one is perfect, their nonstop stupidity makes me call them idiots.
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      2. I completely agree with you. We can’t apply modern value to medieval age setting. It’s not a comfortable things but it is just like that. If one doesn’t realise it, the leads in such stories are also still considered underage for modern standard anyway. So we can’t call children marriage at this setting as pedophilia act either, right? It would be different cases if the novel setting is in modern times. In this case I would even dislike an overbearing man let alone rapist and violent type. It’s even more crazy to use medieval value in the modern time… because we call our selves civilised and highly educated.
        We have known more knowledge than people from medieval age 😊. What really does get me on my nerve in this novel is how people sooooo stupidly not just say what’s on their mind… Communication is important in every relationship, and it always is regardless it’s medieval age or modern times. No relationship would work well without good communication. Women might indeed more submissive but it still doesn’t mean they can’t speak out their mind. At least she could say it to give anybody chance to think about it. Whether he believes it or not, she can just wait and see anyway. But if she never talk, how can she expect him to think and understand at all? He’s a martial artist not a fortune teller, he can’t read mind or see the past/future.
        It’s nonsense to believe 100% just because of love alone. The fact shows that even till today there are many love betrayal, doesn’t it?
        So many divorce cases because of it 😁. Especially because Xin Ci is actually the daughter of enemy… It’s just more realistic to imagine that she could betray him for a revenge than to imagine his “adopted sister” to kill her own loving brother.
  1. Thanks for the chapter! When will the misunderstandings be cleared? I hope they won’t be dragged on until the last chapter….Ahh Wen Kai lives! I’m surprised she said she’ll be fine if she dies in his hands. What about her children? She won’t try to stay alive for them?