"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 57 Big Wedding

“Mu, if she can’t hand over the blood lingzhi mushroom, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”
Wen Kai’s appearance was extremely unsightly, and Mu Nian Qing naturally knew Wen Kai wasn’t threatening or warning him. He was doing it for him.
Mu Nan Qing nodded his head slightly, his hand on Wen Kai’s shoulder patted him a few times hard.
“Relax, I believe she doesn’t have that courage. After a month, I will give the blood lingzhi mushroom to you, at that time Xin Ci will rely on you.”
Wen Kai didn’t nod his head, but his eyes were flickering with resolution.
“I know.”
A months’ time flashed by. Today, everywhere in You Ming Castle was filled with festivity. Everyone were very busy, very happy.
Castle Master marrying was a major event, and everyone had been worried about the Castle Master for many years, now everyone could finally relax., especially Uncle Fu, even though it was busy, but since early morning up until now he hasn’t closed his mouth.
Castle Master is finally marrying, his wish has finally been granted, even though he wasn’t marrying Lady cousin. But, as long as the Castle Master began to understand things properly all was good.
The marriage ceremony wasn’t very complicated, they were both in You Ming Castle, and Ming Zhu residence wasn’t very far from where Mu Nian Qing resided. Let the matron of honour lead her to the vestibule to give to Mu Nian Qing.
Mu Nian Qing dressed in all red gown, wearing the groom’s hat, highlighted his handsome appearance and physique even more. Yet next to him Ming Zhu was weighed down by the marriage clothes and coronet that she couldn’t move a step, her smaller body seemed even more frail.
Really. How is the bride’s clothing so heavy, and that coronet. Good gracious. Her head is going to fall off.
Ming Zhu was fiercely venting in her mind, but she didn’t dare make a sound.
Mu Nian Qing took the wedding flower from his bride’s hands, his hand holding Ming Zhu’s in silence, giving her a hint of strength.
But Ming Zhu simply did not appreciate it.
Humph, thinking about her pain right now, her fatigue. He should just directly throw that thing away.
The two slowly walked to the marriage hall, Mu Nian Qing constantly retained his smile. And Ming Zhu even though she was extremely angry her appearance however was covered obstructed by the bridal veil.
Xin Ci and Wen Kai stood on the left of the marriage hall, watching them slowly enter. Xin Ci’s face glowed with a happy smile.
At the same time Xin Ci’s was ridiculously large, like she was about to give birth, but it did not reflect on her temperament, instead she looked even more gentle, charming.
Cousin had already found his happiness, she believed he would take care of Ming Zhu. To the side Wen Kai noticed something wrong with Xin Ci, he hurried and turned to her.
“Are you okay?”
Xin Ci tried hard to pretend to calm down, returning a slight smile.
“I’m fine.”
Wen Kai nodded his head, his thoughts drifted back to the main hall.
Xin Ci used her hand to caress her lower abdomen, speaking in her head.
“Babies be good. Just wait a bit longer. It’ll be fine soon.”

T/N: The babies are coming~~~ but MZ sense of humour will make a good addition to this novel

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