"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 81 Return to Hidden Castle

T/N: Sorry for not posting yesterday I was away. Its nice that people are commenting and discussing the chapters and what happens in them but I really just want to remind everyone that this is simply a novel which is not advocating or encouraging anything so please just enjoy all parts of this translation!

Xin Ci was hazily woken up when Wu Qing called, as she opened her eyes she saw Wu Qing throw several items of clothing on her.
“Change your clothes, we’re leaving right now.”
Wu Qing finished speaking and turned walking outside, not looking at Xin Ci again. Xin Ci struggled to get up, enduring the pain from her entire body, changing into the clothes Wu Qing brought, a faint smile hanging on her face.
This would be considered the first gift husband gave me. Riding quickly on horseback on the road back to the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci relaxed her body slightly leaning on Wu Qing’s body, greedily absorbing his warmth.
It was only at that time, he would let her hold him. Seeing the familiar landscape, Xin Ci knew, it was going to end.
Arriving at the entrance to the Hidden Castle, the sky was already dark. Wu Qing did not bring Xin Ci to the main entrance, instead he held her and flew into the castle directly dropping her into his room. Without a single word he took of his clothes and entered the bath tub.
Xin Ci stood to the side, all along her eyes did not dare to look at him, she only quietly looked around the room.
What comforted her was that the arrangement of the room was still the same as before, nothing changed at all. Making her feel familiar that nothing had changed, she, was still his wife.
“You, come and help me wash.”
Wu Qing did not look at her, comfortably soaking in the water, his tone clear yet ice-cold.
Xin Ci slowly walked forward, watching his **** in the air at the centre of his body, her face couldn’t help but begin to faintly redden.
Wu Qin hearing the lack of noise behind him, he couldn’t held to stand from the water and turn around to face Xin Ci.
“What? Did you not hear me?”
Xin Ci raised her head stupidly staring at Wu Qing’s eyes, fluster filled her face. Because she truly didn’t know where she could look right now.
“Then why aren’t you moving. Unless…you want to wash with me?”
Wu Qing gradually got nearer to Xin Ci, a vague warmth swept through Xin Ci’s somewhat hot face. Xin Ci fiercely shuddered once.
“No, I’ll help you wash right now.”
Both of Wu Qing’s eyes narrowed, he couldn’t help but reveal a bit of sharpness. Lifting his hand pulled Xin CI into his arms.
“You should take a bath with me.”
Without giving Xin Ci the chance to refute, Wu Qing pulled Xin Ci hard to the bath tub. Immediately, water splashed everywhere, wetting the ground.
Xin Ci shocked was struggling in Wu Qing’s arms, she did not think this movement would make Wu Qing’s anger to peak. He exerted his strength, using his palm to grab her shoulder, lowering her head and kissing her lips, frantically, roughly wreaking havoc in Xin Ci’s mouth.
Why? Husband he…
“Woman, when I’m loving you, you need to pay attention.”
“Could we…not?”
Xin Ci because of the last time she received love from him she could accept so much passion, and riding on a horse for a day and night, the inside of both her legs were already numb with pain. She really wanted to rest.
Wu Qing raised his head, watching Xin Ci. Suddenly with one palm he shoved her out of the bath tub, she stiffly fell to the floor. Xin Ci’s tears slid to the floor at the same time, the pain in her body could not surpass the pain in her heart.

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