"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 68 Shi Qu Qing

Xin Ci tightly held a small vial to look at, before putting it down.
From the front room Wen Kai lifted his head to look inside the house with suspicion. The strange quietness made him suddenly become anxious, usually when Xin Ci tidied the room there wouldn’t not be a single sound.
Softly placing the bowl in his hand down. Wen Kai quietly walked into the room.
At the same time Xin Ci picked up a vial labelled with “Shi Qu Qing”.
“Shi Qu Qing?”
Seeing Xin Ci standing in front of the medicine cabinet, Wen Kai breathed out a sigh at the same time, calling out.
“Xin Ci.”
Xin Ci who was already nervous hearing Wen Kai’s voice, turned around and the vial slipped from her hand at the same time, breaking into pieces on the floor, and the powder was scattered.
Wen Kai did not think much, he hurriedly closed in on Xin Ci with a few steps lifting his hand to cover her nose and mouth, taking her away.
Xin Ci was shocked in Wen Kai’s arms, she gently returned to her senses. Looking at the medical vial on the floor. Xin Ci guiltily lowered her head.
Wen Kai lowered his head to watch Xin Ci, lifting her wrist.
The medicine breaking did hurt him, he had spent a lot of time formulating it. But right now he was more worried about whether or not Xin Ci had inhaled any of the powder.
Xin Ci lifted her head, seeing the frowning Wen Kai. She lifted her hand grabbing his strand of white hair.
She heard from cousin-in-law, Wen Kai injured his entire body saving her that’s why it became like this.
Wen Kai let go of Xin Ci’s wrist, He frowned deeply looking at the words on the vial.
“Damn it.”
Xin Ci hearing Wen Kai’s words, nervously looked at him, his cheeks gradually becoming red.
“Wen Kai. What is it? Are you angry at Xin Ci? Xin Ci didn’t mean to. Really, cousin-in-law only wanted a bit ****, but she couldn’t really ask you. That’s why…”
Hearing Xin Ci’s explanation, Wen Kai was angrier.
Ruan Ming Zhu that woman…
Xin Ci felt a warmth flow through her body, her cheeks gradually filled with beads of sweat, felling uncomfortable it made her restlessly writhe in Wen Kai’s arms.
Wen Kai seeing the person in his arms looking confused and with red cheeks knew “Shi Gu Qing” was working. Xin Ci was confused at the moment.
“Shi Gu Qing” was the most vicious aphrodisiac he had created. Most vicious because there was no antidote, unless they had intercourse. Wen Kai did not want to take this opportunity to do this to Xin Ci.
“Wen Kai, I’m really hot.”
Xin Ci uncomfortable raised her hands to take off her own clothing.
Why is it so hot, she really wanted to take off her clothes and soak in water. It didn’t matter Wen Kai was here. He was her husband, although since she got amnesia they hadn’t done anything too intimate.
Wen Kai deeply looked at Xin Ci, softly saying.
“Xin Ci, what do you want me to do?”
But at that moment Xin Ci was delirious, she couldn’t hear Wen Kai’s question. Right now she felt she was so hot she could explode.
Wen Kai breathed in deeply, picking up Xin Ci with both hands walking to the bed, placing her gently on it.

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  1. Noooooo . I mean I ship them but forming a relationship this way.....it's like they all took advantage of her . To do such a thing like that , even under the influence is ..... It unsettles me abit.


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