"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 79 Tavern (2)

Being stared at by the waiter Xin Ci’s face was red, she shyly lowered her head.
The rush to leave made her forget to wrap her head of white hair into a cloth, this colour must really surprise people.
Wu Qing turned his head to watch them, both eyes narrowing. He coldly opened his mouth.
“If you don’t want to become blind get lost.”
The waiter was jolted awake by Wu Qing’s vicious words, promptly bowed and ran down the stairs.
Xin Ci’s complexion also wasn’t that good, she glanced at Wu Qing and she lowered her head. Slowly walking into the room. Unexpectedly Wu Qing lightly shut the door, taking a few strides he reached the front of Xin Ci. He raised his hand to pinch Xin Ci’s jaw.
Xin Ci was scared by the sudden movement, crying out.
“It hurts.”
Wu Qing seeing Xin Ci’s slightly reddish cheeks, coldly said.
“As expected you’re a floozy, wherever you go you don’t forget to seduce men.”
Xin Ci lifted her eyes towards Wu Qing’s unendingly deep eyes, gently saying.
“Husband, you’re hurting me.”
Wu Qing a trace of sharpness flashed through his eyes, he released Xin Ci from his hand. Sitting by the table, he poured himself a cup of tea.
“Shen Xin Ci, the words from your mouth make me really do evil things. Who knows how many husbands you have.”
Hearing Wu Qing’s sarcastic words, Xin Ci lowered her head and did not refute, but in her heart she silently said.
Only you, you are my only husband.
Xin Ci did not give an explanation, she knew better than anyone it was useless to explain. It would only make him say even more cruel words to stab at her, she didn’t want to hear them. Wu Qing’s words were like sharp swords stabbing her heart, causing her to bleed nonstop.
Immediately the room quietened down, a strange indignation lingered in the air.
Quite a while later, Wu Qing furiously slapped the table, snarling.
“Waiter, why have the dishes not arrived.”
His imposing voice already shook the entire tavern with one tremble.
“Coming, coming.”
Just having heard the shout the door was pushed open, the tavern’s waiter carried a tray of food placing them down one by one.
“Guest, these are your dishes, please enjoy.”
Having spoken he disappeared in an instant. Xin Ci stood to the side looking, she sighed slightly. Wu Qing suddenly threw out a stiff sentence.
“Come eat.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing in a daze, the emotions in her eyes were clear to anyone who saw.
“Before returning to the Hidden Castle, you better keep up your physical strength. I don’t want to have to carry you back.”
Xin Ci hearing his words, her eyes immediately dimmed, she lifted her legs to walk to sit beside Wu Qing picking up a bowl and chopstick, quietly eating.
Wu Qing sat beside her quietly watching, he did not have the desire to eat.
This scenario made him could not help but remember the day he married her, she was also like this quietly eating dinner. Thinking about it Wu Qing couldn’t help to tightly clutch his hands. He stood up, back facing her as he headed outside.
“Stay in this room and do not think of leaving.”
Xin Ci lifted her head to look at his back as he disappeared outside, she gently put down her bowl and chopsticks, she didn’t have an appetite.