"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 82 Return to Hidden Castle (2)

Wu Qing raised his legs to leave the bath tub, picking up a towel to wrap around his lower body. Coldly, cruelly he looked at the figure curled up on the floor. Frowning.
He only used 10% of his martial arts strength, with her internal strength she shouldn’t have had such a big reaction to it. Was she acting right now? Xin Ci had no internal strength to speak of, that one hit was hard for her to bear.
On the floor Xin Ci’s silvery white hair scattered on the floor, glowing with a touch of silver. All her wet clothes also clung to her body.
Xin Ci could not hold back wanting to cough out fresh blood, quietly she sealed several acupuncture points.
Did he have to be so cruel? Has the feelings from before really disappeared?
She lifted her head to Wu Qing, tears soundlessly falling down.
Husband, if I didn’t leave with cousin to You Ming Castle. Regardless of everything returned to your side, telling you Ouyang Jun wasn’t killed by me. Would you not hate me so much?
Xin Ci powerlessly clung to the floor, deceiving herself with the thoughts of what may have been, so sad she didn’t want to get up. Tears flowed along her cheeks sliding on to her lapel. Immediately footsteps faded away. Wu Qing quietly walked over to Xin Ci on the floor, wanting to see how long she could act for.
Unexpectedly a “[pang]” sounded, the door was pushed open, Fei Yan rushing in holding a sword.
“Wu Qing, what happened?”
Abruptly looking at the naked Wu Qing, the naked upper part of his body, Fei Yan could not help but sink into his physique and good looks.
Wu Qing lifted his hand to pull over his own inner clothing spinning and draping it around his body, black silky long hair flying, making Fei Yan unable to remove her line of sight.
“Are you done looking? If there’s nothing get out.”
Wu Qing coldly broke her attention, he didn’t want her to remain here in a daze.
Fei Yan returned to her senses, withdrawing her sword into its scabbard she slowly walked towards Wu Qing.
“I only wanted to see if you were asleep yet, when I was near I head a sound that’s why I rushed in.”
Fei Yan’s eyes flowed with lustre which could move people, her hand also charmingly rested on his shoulder. Lightly stroking Wu Qing’s chest, feeling his warm body temperature.
Unexpectedly Wi Qing single handily grabbed her arm, using so much strength that Fei Yan couldn’t resist blurting out in pain.
“Wu Qing.”
“Fei Yan, I can’t believe you haven’t given up. I advise you best to not think about my body. Otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless.”
These four years, Fei Yan had numerously flirted with him but he had let her off, not bothering with her, But, now was no longer the past. He could not tolerate Fei Yan to act presumptuous in front of Shen Xin Ci. She betrayed him. But he, would definitely not be like her a betrayer and deceiver.
Fei Yan seeing Wu Qing’s ice-cold expression did not dare to release her hand, Wu Qing also did not use his strength again, conveniently letting go off her. Passing Fei Yan to Xin Ci.
At the moment Wu Qing walked passed Fei Yan, Fei Yan’s heart was still secretly delighted. But seeing the woman with a head of white hair on the floor, her happiness was completely shattered.
Who is she? Just now she had focused completely on Wu Qing, to go as far as to not notice there was another woman in the room. Her head of white hair shocked her, seeing the traces of water on her whole body, the traces on the floor. As well as the nakedness she saw when she entered, the naked Wu Qing…
A ray of perception could not help but slip into Fei Yan’s eyes.