"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 34 What I Want, Isn’t You

Late at night, inside the Hidden Castle practice room.
Wu Qing with a“pop”sound his mouth spurted out fresh blood, his haggard face pale, so pale that it was almost transparent. His cold lips were also decorated with spots of red, his complexion formed a clear contrast. His bright eyes now did not have a trace of luster, replaced by endless hatred and depression. Both hands clutching the side of his bed, slightly trembling.
Wu Qing who was impatient for result, used the little amount of internal strength he had to stubbornly opened several important acupuncture points, seriously damaging his heart and veins and body. But the Wu Qing right now already didn’t care much, he who was betrayed by Xin Ci, was only filled with hatred.
Wu Qing roared out, exerting the Pi Tian palm[1] he had just learned ferociously to vent his feelings.
“Why? Why…”
Each palm hitting the hard stone wall, the whole house was a mess, dust continuously sprayed down from the wall, but it still couldn’t get rid of the pain and disappointment in his heart.
“Wu Qing.”
Fei Yan hearing the sound from outside the door, quickly pushed open the door and rushed in. Seeing the chaos which filled the room and Wu Qing still with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth was stunned for a period of time.
When Fei Yan had entered Wu Qing had immediately returned to the cold and detached expression of his former days.
After a while, Fei Yan returned to her senses and walked in front of Wu Qing.
“Wu Qing, why are you doing this?”
She raised her hand towards Wu Qing to wipe clean the blood from the corner of his mouth, but was smacked down stiffly by Wu Qing.
“Don’t touch me, get out.”
Fei Yan held her throbbing right hand looking at Wu Qing.
“Wu Qing, don’t hurt yourself like this. Training like this you’ll harm yourself a hundred times over for one thing.”
Wu Qing stood up, bypassing Fei Yan.
“My business, I don’t need your interrogation. Get lost.”
Having heard him Fei Yan, shocked she stood with an unstable posture.
“Wu Qing, this is the second time you’ve told me to get out, the first time was because of Shen Xin Ci, this time it’s because I care for you. Why? Shen Xin Ci betrayed you, I didn’t. Since we were young, unless you don’t know how I feel about you? Why must you hurt me like this?”
Wu Qing hearing Shen Xin Ci’s name, his heart was in more pain than if a thousand arrows had pierced his heart. His voice became even colder.
“Because I can’t give you what you want.”
“Give me a chance? I’ll listen to you, I’ll do what you’d like me to do, I can change what you don’t like about me. I won’t betray you. On this world, I am the one who loves you the most.”
Fei Yan rushed forward grabbing hold of Wu Qing’s sleeve, tears slid down her cheeks, that sort of sad expression would make anyone pity her, but it couldn’t move the Wu Qing in front of her.
Wu Qing used his strength to pull away his sleeve, Fei Yan did not stand firm, at the same time she fell onto the ground. Both eyes looked at Wu Qing with despair.
“I promised your brother, I would take care of you. But it doesn’t mean I have to listen to your ideas or suggestions. You do what you want, I won’t question you. But don’t place me in them, Right now, you need to get out. Don’t compel me to use force.”
Having heard him Fei Yan’s appearance was already pale as snow. Clutching both her fists, she stood up and walked to the entrance.
“Wu Qing, I love you, this lifetime, my heart will only have you. I will always wait for you, even until I age and die. My spirit will accompany you. In life and afterlife.”
After speaking, Fei Yan turned her head to glance at the expressionless Wu Qing in the eyes before turning to leave.
The desolate room at the same time calmed down, Wu Qing weakly sat on the edge of the bed, closing his eyes and sighing softly.
“What I want, isn’t you.”

[1] Translated into “sky dividing”.

T/N: So much pain for all the characters I hope there will be some sort of happy ending for everyone…

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    Su xi’s cousin… i hope him get the best!
  3. I believe that:
    ““Wu Qig, this is the second time you’ve told me to get out, the first time was because of Shen Xin Ci, this time it’s because I care for you.”
    should be:
    ““Wu Qing, this is the second time you’ve told me to get out, the first time was because of Shen Xin Ci, this time it’s because I care for you.”
    Also,thanks you so much! I love the novel and you are doing a great job. Thank you for all your hard work.
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