"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 40 Healing

Even though there was a muslin curtain on the bed Xin Ci’s graceful curves and perfect body could still be indistinctly seen.
Wen Kai closed his eyes, making himself calm down. Following which he opened his eyes both hands picking up eight silver needles, rapidly dispersing them accurately to stick into acupuncture points on Xin Ci’s entire body.
With one palm Wen Kai make Xin Ci turn around, back facing him. With a muslin curtain separating them his fingers lingered with strength on the meridian channel on her back, slowly wondering around.
After a moment, Xin Ci and Wen Kai were already dripping with sweat, a touch of aroma permeated the house, it wasn’t the smell of medicinal herbs. Wen Kai gently frowned, he didn’t dare to be distracted.
Damn it. Wen Kai cursed in his mind, he actually had a reaction.
Suddenly, Wen Kai with a hit of his palm forced out all the needles in Xin Ci’s body, the ends stuck in the wall.
Taking back his palm, Wen Kai took a towel to wipe clean the beads of sweat on his face. Taking another towel he gave it to Xin Ci.
“Come out when you’ve dressed.”
Finished speaking, he left the room, returning to the front room.
Xin Ci’s body already felt a lot better, although she wasn’t clear of poison, she still had some strength. She stood up to get dressed, wiping herself clean with the towel, she came to the front room.
Seeing Xin ci, Wen Kai took out two bundles of medicine, placing them on the table.
“One is for you, and the other is for that maid.”
Xin Ci’s heart felt very warm because of the medicine. Doctor Wen saved her and her child, as well as Ying Xue.
“Doctor Wen, thank you.”
Wen Kai lifted his head to look at her, without any expression. Xin Ci was shocked by his abrupt expression.
“You need to understand your own bodies situation, just don’t give me any more trouble. After you’ve experience such a problem, you don’t have to practice martial arts again. Also whether your hair can become black will depend on your luck, it’s not bad if your eyebrows hasn’t turned white.”
In Wen Kai’s words held a strong indignation.
Xin Ci slightly smiled.
“Thank you Doctor Wen, as long as it doesn’t affect the child, any changes to my appearance doesn’t matter.”
Wen Kai haring her words, his heart suddenly was in pain like it was being suffocated, unable to breath.
“Fine, go back. Do not come in the near future.”
Xin Ci hearing him lifted her head towards Wen Kai, eyes flashing slightly.
“Doctor Wen, I…can’t come here again?”
She knew what she had done this time was reckless, but she didn’t know she was pregnant with Wu Qing’s child. But…even if she knew she would still have done it. Doctor Wen must be angry with her, she only caused him trouble.
Wen Kai seeing her sad expression, suddenly really wanted to embrace her in his arms, give her warmth, give her reassurance.
He clutched his hands strongly, standing up.
“You need to recuperate, wait until you’re well to come again.”
Xin Ci smiled as she nodded her head. So Doctor Wen was talking about her injury.
“Thank you, Doctor Wen.”
Wen Kai turned around, not wanting to see that bright smile.
“Go back.”
“Then Doctor Wen also shouldn’t work too late, remember to light a candle when it’s dark, at night you must eat before sleeping.”
After these days of keeping him company, Xin Ci had discovered Doctor Wen is someone who doesn’t take of himself, he doesn’t see anything when he’s working, and he doesn’t care about the time. When it’s dark he doesn’t notice it. Every time she would need to help him light a candle.
Wen Kai nodded his head without speaking.
“Then I’m going back.”
Xin Ci finished speaking, taking the medicine she walked out of Fang Cao House.
Wen Kai turned his head to watch her back disappear from sight.
Could it be I have also fallen into the trap? No. She is a person Mu cares for, even if it’s impossible for her to be with Mu, I still can’t fall in love with her.

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  1. I believe:
    “Damn it. Xin Ci cursed in his mind, he actually had a reaction.”
    should be:
    “Damn it. Wen Kai cursed in his mind, he actually had a reaction.”
    “Taking back his pal, Wen Kai took a towel to wipe clean the beads of sweat on his face.”
    should be:
    “Taking back his palm, Wen Kai took a towel to wipe clean the beads of sweat on his face.”


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