"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 90 Uncle Kun

Xin Ci looked deeply at the unconscious Wu Qing speaking to the guards.
“Can I trouble you two to lead the way,”
Fei Yan looking at Xin Ci’s back as she left turned her head to Wu Qing, her hand gently stroking his cheek. Her eyes filled with gentle feelings.
Can I only get near you when you are unconscious? Why can your line of sight not switch to me.
Suddenly a loud knock on the door broke Fei Yan’s train of thought, Fei Yan stood up, lightly calling.
“Come in.”
The door was pushed open, a guard and an old man first entered the room. A medical box hung from the old man’s body, it was clear he was the Hidden Castle’s doctor. But his status was not that simple.
Seeing who it was Fei Yan slightly bowed, calling.
“Uncle Kun.”
Uncle Kun was Ouyang Jun and Ouyang Fei Yan’s great uncle, he was considered to be one of the original old people of the Hidden Castle. “Uncle Kun” actual name is Ouyang Shao Kun, the people in the castle all call him Uncle Kun to show respect. And he, was over eighty this year, although he had a head full of white hair but his every single movement was still significantly in a free and at ease manner, it wasn’t hard to imagine his young heroics. Uncle Kun after the death of Ouyang Ba Tian’s in his prime had completely devoted himself to Buddhism, in his spare time he would study some medicine, over the years he had been successful. Gentle hearted and of few desires he had never married and had no heirs, so he cherished Ouyang Jun, Ouyang Fei Yan and Wu Qing even more. Like his own sons and daughter. When Ouyang Jun was killed, hearing the new he almost fainted, his mouth wouldn’t stop crying out “Sin, sin.” This time the matter with Wu Qing made his heart cold, he decided to interfere with this mundane matter.
Uncle Ku nodded his head at Fei Yan, a kind smile appeared on his face.
“Long time no see, Fei Yan has already become a slender and elegant lady.”
Fei Yan replied with a smile.
“Thank you for the praise Uncle Kun. I wonder why Uncle Kun has come.”
Uncle Kun bypassed where Fei Yan beside the bed looking at the unconscious Wu Qing he sighed slightly.
“Hey, Fei Yan. Since ancient times an uncountable number of people have suffered because of the word `feeling`. I thought you would understand the true essence in this, I did not think you would still choose a path you should not take.”
Fei Yan looked at Uncle Kun in shock, not understanding the meaning of his words.
Why does Uncle Kun’s words sound like he knows everything, that can’t be. Back then Uncle Kun was living in the bamboo forest how could he know what I did.
Switching to an indifferent smile, Fei Yan did not believe Uncle Kun would associate with others.
“Uncle Fu, you came to treat Wu Qing’s injures right.”
Ouyang Shao Kun watched Fei Yan’s expression and knew she was not willing to carry on talking, he also didn’t say anymore.
“Where is Wu Qing’s wife, bring her here.”
Fei Yan could not stop crying out hearing his words, seeing Uncle Kun’s suspicious expression she then explained.
“Uncle Kun, do you know because of who that Wu Qing is now like this? Why do you still want that woman to come?”
Ouyang Shao Kun lightly stroked his beard, gently saying.
“Wu Qing uses feelings in this way, I believe this woman also has her own charms. Humanity stems from good, I want to give her this chance. Besides with this old man here, Fei Yan is still scared she could harm Wu Qing?”

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