"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 60 Premature Birth (3)

Wen Kai seeing Xin Ci’s pale face and the blood on the bedding from her lower half, he knew Xin Ci already made every effort to give birth to the child just now, right now not just the child inside her stomach, but Xin Ci also…
“Give me the blood lingzhi mushroom.”
Ming Zhu looked at Wen Kai, and from her wrist she gave the blood lingzhi mushroom to Wen Kai.
Blood lingzhi mushrooms were not as big as ordinary mushrooms, it was around the size of a tea cup, but its effects were incomparable to other medicinal ingredients.
Wen Kai kneaded the blood lingzhi mushroom with both his hands, after a while, the blood lingzhi mushroom was around the size of a pill, Wen Kai pinched both of Xin Ci’s cheeks, placing the pill inside. But Xin Ci already lost awareness, the pill was stuck outside her throat unable to swallow it down. Wen Kai frowned, he didn’t act recklessly.
“Hurry up, the child inside her stomach cannot wait.”
Hearing her Wen Kai, closed his eyes deeply, opening them again. He turned around drinking a mouthful of water, he returned to Xin Ci’s side, he stared at her once before lowering his head, both their lips joined as he gave the water to her. After a while, Xin Ci swallowed it with the pill. Wen Kai quickly stood up using his internal strength to quicken the medicine to dissolve.
Xin Ci gradually woke up, she also had a bit of strength. Dazed she looked at Wen Kai and Ming Zhu.
“Thank…thank you.”
“Xin Ci, stop talking so much, you need to hurry up and give birth, or else he will suffocate in there.”
“Ming Zhu, I really can’t, you…go bring a knife…cut the child out.”
Ming Zhu and Wen Kai abruptly raised their heads to Xin Ci. Ming Zhu tears even fell out.
“What stupid thing are you saying. Xin Ci, do you know you must live on, you can’t just leave, leaving behind two children. The children need you, we also need you.”
Xin Ci turned her head to look at Wen Kai.
“Wen Kai, help me.”
Wen Kai hearing her was stunned.
She, it was the first time she called him Wen Kai.
Wen Kai nodded his head, he stuck silver needles in several acupuncture points on her body. Single handily he lifted her wrist holding on to it, passing over his internal strength to her.
“Seize this moment.”
Ming Zhu nodded her head, preparing to receive the baby from inside the stomach.
Xin Ci felt the strength flow through her body, screaming out. Her hand tightly clutched Wen Kai’s hand. Fingernails digging into Wen Kai’s palm, shedding a few drops of blood, Wen Kai did not move at all.
After the sound of crying of the child, Xin Ci also fainted. Blood flowed out like a water sprout, Ming Zhu holding the child shouted.
“Wen Kai. Hurry Xin Ci. Metrorrhagia.[1]
How could Wen Kai not know. He quickly removed the silver needles, sticking in several of her acupuncture points.
“Take the child outside. Get someone to move bring a bucket of water in, hurry.”
Mu Nian Qing seeing Ming Zhu carrying the child out rushed over.
“How is Xin Ci?” He rushed in as he spoke, but was pulled back by Ming Zhu.
“Don’t go in…”
Ming Zhu lowered her head, her voice was also very weak, but her hand exerted a lot of strength. Mu Nian Qing turned his head to look at her, discovering her body was slightly trembling. Suddenly her posture seemed slightly unstable.
“Xin Ci she…she?”
Ming Zhu lifted her head, tears flowed down her face.
“Wen Kai is saving her right now, tell someone to take a bucket of water in. I’m going to leave with the children first.”
Mu Nian Qing stood frozen on the spot. Then shouted.
“Quickly bring a bucket of water in.”
Having spoken he stood even more powerless by the door. Right now he couldn’t do anything, he could only believe in Wen Kai.

[1] Excessive bleeding from the womb.

T/N: What is going to happen to Xin Ci and the babies and everything~~~

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    Fufu, the dependable older brother twin and the lovely little sister twin~ can’t wait!
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  2. Where is this father? He’s better off as second lead because the other two men are doing a better job at taking care of her than he is
    Maybe that’s the role this author wanted him to ha e – side role in the live of his wife and kids since he can’t apparently even figure out who’s lying and who’s not
    Thanks for translating