"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 49 You Are Xin Ci

“Lady cousin, why did you come out.”
Ying Xue was awfully nervous as she looked at Xin Ci, if this woman wanted to hurt Lady cousin, she would throw the medicine all over her face to disfigure her.
“You were away for so long and didn’t come back so I was worried.”
“I’m fine Lady cousin, I only encountered a fraudster.”
Ying Xue ferociously watched Ming Zhu’s dull expression, she knew Lady cousin’s appearance was very strange, but it didn’t mean she needed to stare like that, didn’t she know that can really hurt someone.
Ying Xue turned around to pull Xin Ci away, but she was called still by Ming Zhu.
“You are Xin Ci am I right?”
Xin Ci turned her head, seeing Ming Zhu in front of her.
Dressed in green, slim figured, with a playful expression she was now giggling at her.
“I am, can I ask who you are?”
As Ming Zhu was speaking, she was cut off by Ying Xue.
“Lady cousin, she’s a fraudster, don’t listen to her nonsense, let’s return to Lan Yun Pavilion.”
“Hey, you maid don’t speak indiscriminately, who’s a fraudster. I only came here to see this lady as a doctor.”
“Don’t need you to see her, I think you’re suitable to treat cats and dogs, also birds. You don’t have the right to see my Lady cousin.”
Ying Xue and Ming Zhu simply found each other disagreeable, like this they started fighting in front of Xin Ci.
Xin Ci raised her hand to pull Ying Xin over, to prevent a brawl.
“Ying Xue, don’t be rude. She’s a guest, please invite this lady come to Lan Yun Pavilion.”
She nodded to Ming Zhu after speaking, she turned around and headed to Lan Yun Pavilion.
Ying Xue knew she had to listen to Xin Ci even though she was very angry, she bowed her head to Ming Zhu and said.
“Fraudster, follow me.”
Ming Zhu also did not want to argue with her anymore, as long as she can leave from here, and be together with such a beautiful girl. Haha.
Inside Lan Yun Pavilion, Xin Ci sat by the table finishing the medicine Ying Xue had given her. She handed the bowl to Ying Xue, to drink a bit of water.
“How should I address you?”
Ming Zhu seeing her drink medicine frowned, her heart wasn’t very comfortable, ai, not only is she beautiful, but you couldn’t even see her pained expression.
Xin Ci saw Ming Zhu was staring at her in a daze without replying. She opened her mouth.
Ming Zhu recovered from her daze, a smile gathered on her face.
“Xin Ci called for me. I’m here.”
Xin Ci seeing her cute expression could not help laugh.
“How may I address you?”
Ming Zhu waved her hand randomly.
“Call me Ming Zhu.”
Having spoken she reached her hand out to the hair in front of Xin Ci’s chest, lightly grabbing it, like a treasure not using too much strength.
“So beautiful…”
Hearing Ming Zhu’s words, Xin Ci eyes held a trace of grief.
Beautiful? To her this was a memory of her and Wu Qing’s love.
Ying Xue standing at the side couldn’t stand seeing it and said loudly.
“Let go of your hand okay? Why don’t you touch your own hair, touching my Lady cousin’s.”
“ie, my hair isn’t this beautiful, and that feel.”
Ying Xue could not refute Ming Xue’s words, she really didn’t want ot see her, but she couldn’t abandon her lady and leave herself. What Ming Zhu, she really hated her to death.
Xin Ci seeing such a cute Ming Zhu, from her heart she liked this Ming Zhu. Also it wasn’t hard to see Ming Zhu wasn’t a scheming girl.
“Ming Zhu, you said just now you were here to see my condition?”
Ming Zhu hearing her, gently let go of Xin Ci’s hair.
Yes, she forgot she had come to see what Xin Ci actually looked like, how the two of those great specimens could be so worried. Wow…she’s done, now even she couldn’t stand Xin Ci being in pain, such a beautiful girl. Suffering such pain.

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