"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 18 Castle Master

The hidden castle was decorated with pieces of white cloth giving a dead atmosphere, the man hall also became a funeral hall.
The corpse of Ouyang Jun was placed in the middle of the funeral hall.
Wu Qing dressed in black kneeled towards him, Fei Yan and Wu Qing kneeled in the same row.
Qing Long and Chi Hu were in the row behind.
At the back were the castle’s chief managers, servants and maids.
Wu Qing stood up, he faced everyone, his eyes abnormally calm.
“The Master has passed away, the castle cannot be without a master for a day, from today on Ouyang Fei Yan will be the master.
Everyone looked at Wu Qing in surprise, Fei Yan stood up to interrupt.
“Wu Qing, I’m a girl. Based on ability, martial arts, leadership skills, you are the best candidate.”
Qing Long stood up.
“Second Master, Lady Fei Yan is right. May I be so bold, please Second Master serve as castle master, lead us.”
“Yes. Second Master.”
Everyone in the castle agreed with Fei Yan and Qing Long’s suggestion, they chimed in.
Wu Qing’s eyebrows locked together.
“I am responsible to everyone for the Master’s death, I’m afraid I cannot serve”
“Wu Qing, brother’s death was because of that wretched Shen Xin Ci, you were also deceived by her. You are not in the wrong, you can only blame her scheme is too deep.”
Fei Yan deliberately did so much so she could keep Wu Qing for her entire life, and letting him serve as Castle Master was the best method.
“Fei Yan, Xin Ci is my wife. Even if she killed the Master, please watch your language.”
Fei Yan cheeks reddened in anger.
“She killed my brother, and you still want me to be polite to her? Wu Qing, she completely betrayed you. You still recognise she’s your wife.”
Wu Qing was stunned.
“It’s pointless to talk so much about it. I promise everyone, I’ll first take on the duties as Castle Master, then when the time is right, I will again find someone which everyone approves of to take the position as Castle Master.”
Everyone could not open their mouths to say anything, they all agreed, as long as Second Master is the Castle Master.
The dead of night, Wu Qing sat on the edge of his bed, he recalled little bits of the past.
He could still not believe everything had really happened. Xin Ci betrayed him.
Although he taught her the internal strength method to harmonise her breathing, but according to his observations, but for Xin Ci to receive his half of internal strength she still needed to harmonise her breathing for several more hours, unless she really was deceiving him from the start, hiding her actual strength?
Thinking about what Fei Yan had said, his heart was in extreme pain.
Xin Ci wanted to kill him, but was stopped by Ouyang Jun and Fei Yan. It resulted in Ouyang Jun tragically being killed by Xin Ci, and Fei Yan was also hit by a palm frm Xin Ci, allowing her to escape.
Wu Qing had seen Fei Yan’s wound, it was indeed the flame palm he had taught her, there was around 30% strength behind it.
Looking at the vast bright moon, Wu Qing silently asked.
Xin Ci, did you really do it? Was all you did for me just so you could get my internal strength before killing me to avenge your family? Wu Qing couldn’t believe it, but he couldn’t not believe it.
The whole sky filled with stars, yet he was alone and dejected.

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