"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 52 Kiss

The days after Wen Kai left were peaceful, Xin I did not dare to sit for to long, she would walk around the garden, Ying Xue also constantly accompanied her.
Ming Zhu was disappointed for a good few days knowing Wen Kai had left, but after she had been rescued from her fall into the pond by Mu Nian Qing, she started to nag Mu Nian Qing every day. Occasionally she would find Xin Ci to talk, always about Mu Nian Qing though.
“Xin Ci, today I discovered a man seriously doing something is really beautiful.”
“Xin Ci, today that blockhead was angry at a servant, so vicious, but so handsome.”
“Xin Ci, today he looked at me.”
“Xin Ci, today he drank the tonic I gave him, even though in the end he threw it up, and I was forced out of his house. Bu I’m still very happy.”
“Xin Ci…”
Xin Ci quietly listened, silently smiling.
She knew Ming Zhu already liked her cousin, but she still did not understand that sort of feeling. Maybe when Wen Kai returned she would still be dithering, going back and forth between the two people. Ming Zhu is a really good lady, if she could marry her cousin, then it would be a good ending.
Today, the sun was shining brightly, Ying Xue supported Xin Ci as they slowly walked around the courtyard. Right now Xin Ci was already six months pregnant, her stomach was also a lot larger. Bending over was a very difficult thing for Xin Ci. Fortunately, Ying Xue was constantly taking care of her by her side.
“Xin Ci…”
Xin Ci had just sat down, when Ming Zhu quickly ran over. Ying Xue seeing her, lowered her head to Xin Ci and said “Lady, I’ll go tidy up the house.” Before turning around and leaving.
Xin Ci helplessly shook her head.
Ming Zhu came to the front of Xin Ci, cheeks red. She nervously clutched Xin Ci’s hand.
Xin Ci was in slight pain from being grabbed, she frowned slightly. Asking.
“What happened?”
A lot of sweat came out of Ming Zhu’s hands, Xin Ci also gradually didn’t feel pain.
“Xin Ci…have you been kissed before? Wait…Xin ci must have been kissed before, you already have babies. Then Xin Ci, does kissing make you feel very…how do you say it…that is…body becomes very soft…very weak…and the heartbeat would pound…very loudly.”
Ming Zhu spoke intermittently, but Xin Ci understood.
“Cousin kissed you?”
Ming Zhu hearing her nervously retracted her hands, covering her cheeks.
“No…that is…I’m always following him, he was very angry. Afterwards, he would leave really quickly. I would run after him. Then I don’t know what happened but I was sprawled over his body, and…we…”
Xin ci hearing this much already completely understood. Laughing she pulled down Ming Zhu’s hands.
“Then did Ming Zhu hate cousin’s kiss?”
Ming Zhu blinked her bright eyes.
“I don’t hate it. But…am I ill. My heart is beating really loudly. The blockhead should have heard it. How embarrassing.”
“Idiot, your heart is beating loudly because you like cousin.”
Xin Ci smiled slightly watching Ming Zhu. This idiot.
Ming Zhu’s eyes staring at her immediately lost its brightness.
“But the blockhead left me behind and ran off, does that indicate he doesn’t like me.”
Cousin, he…ran?
Xin Ci can imagine how her cousin looked then, it must have been very funny. But, he also badly hurt Ming Zhu.