"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 62 Amnesia

At night, Wen Kai quietly stood outside the window, looking inside the house at the woman and two children sleeping soundly, he revealed a slight smile and turned to leave. Alone he strolled into the courtyard.
“Wen Kai.”
Wen Kai turned his head to see the person coming, before coolly turning to carry on walking forward.
“It’s so late why aren’t you in your room accompanying your lovable wife.”
Mu Nian Qing with a few big steps reached Wen Kai.
“Ming Zhu is already sleeping soundly, right now I’m more worried about you.”
Wen Kai helplessly laughed. When did he become someone that made Mu worry.
The two walked on without speaking, no one opened their mouths to speak. As they were soon approaching Fang Cao House, Mu Nian Qing finally opened his mouth.
“Wen Kai, it’s been two years, you’re still this persistent?”
Wen Kai halted his steps, looking at Mu Nian Qing. Suddenly he asked.
“Can you tell which child Xin Ci loves the most?”
Which child she loves the most?
“Of course she loves them both, both are her children, and Xin Ci treats them the same.”
Wen Kai turned to look at the starry sky, Xin Ci’s image emerged in his mind.
“Not the same, Xin Ci especially adores Tian Er. She often would be lost in her thoughts looking at Tian Er, as if she was missing someone through him.”
Mu Nian Qing hearing him frowned, he tentatively asked.
“Are you certain Xin Ci has really forgotten everything?”
Wen Kai turned, the lock of white hair on his forehead floated in the wind, very elegantly.
“If Xin Ci doesn’t have amnesia, do you think she would still be like she is now?”
Mu Nian Qing lowered his head deep in thought.
He could see the changes in Xin Ci in his eyes, the Xin Ci suffering from amnesia was a completely different person. But Tian Er…Tian Er looked very similar to Nangong Wu Qing, simply like a miniature version, if it’s like this would one day Xin Ci remember everything? At that time we who lied to her…
“Mu, go back first. I want to be by myself.”
Mu Nian Qing helplessly sighed, glancing at Wen Kai he turned and left.
Inside the courtyard of Fang Cao House, Wen Kai dressed entirely in white, both hands behind his back, his quiet and serene appearance made people feel like he couldn’t exist in reality.
Wen Kai watched the night sky but his thoughts had already drifted away.
Two years ago, he exhausted half his life’s skills, using the tian xiang pills his master had given him had he then just managed to save Xin Ci. But she forgot everything. She couldn’t remember anyone, she only stared at him stupidly, like he was the only one in her eyes. At that moment his heart was beating chaotically.
After waking up Xin Ci was always at his side, sometime she behaved like a child, they could never imagine such a drastic change. It’s impossible to change a persons’ nature, perhaps because Xin Ci had been depressed for so long, forgetting it she could then live freely and at ease.