"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 43 Yearning

Today, she didn’t go to Fang Cao House. The words cousin said as he left was in hope she wouldn’t go over.
“Lady cousin, it’s cooked.”
“Yes. Place it on the table please.”
Xin Ci turned around, walked to the table and taking the medicine she drank it in one go.
Ying Xue seeing Xin Ci’s wrinkled eyebrows, quickly handed her a candied fruit.
Xin Ci smiled as she took it, placing it in her mouth. At the same time her eyebrows smoothed out.
Watching Xin Ci, Ying Xue felt really guilty.
“Lady cousin, it’s all Ying Xue’s fault.  I’ve made you suffer.”
Ying Xue’s words made at the moment was no clear in Xin Ci’s mind.
“Why do you suddenly say that.”
“Since Lady cousin helped me detoxify every day after you’ve had to drink such bitter medicine. You must have harmed your body when you helped me detoxify. Ying Xue is sorry to Lady cousin.”
Xin Ci hearing her smiled gently.
“Stupid girl, it’s not what you think. This medicine is for foetal health.”
Uh…Ying Xue sounded in surprise, her mouth wide open.
Lady cousin is pregnant? When? No, whose is it?
“Lady cousin you…are married?”
Xin Ci laughed.
“Of course I’m married.”
“Then why isn’t the son-in-law keeping Lady cousin company?”
Xin Ci somewhat taken back. Her expression also slipped slightly.
“He has too many responsibilities. He can’t leave.”
He was now the Hidden Castle’s Castle Master, she didn’t know how he has been recently.
Ying Xue seeing Xin Ci’s expression didn’t speak any more about it, smiling she said.
“How many months after will there be a little young master?  Lady cousin is so pretty, the little young master will definitely be very beautiful.”
Xin Ci knew Ying Xue was trying to make her happy. Then she lightly raised the corner of her mouth.
“I hope they’ll look like their dad, whether male or female, they’ll definitely be very cute.”
Ying Xue hearing her returned to her senses.
“Son-in-law is very attractive and intelligent?”
He, not only attractive and intelligent. She remembered the first time she saw him she was enticed by his appearance, but father and mother’s death, made it so she wasn’t in the mood to look in detail, only taking a passing glance. On the wedding night, he who was wearing a wedding gown, was even more seductive. If the child is like him, at least that would comfort her.
That night, a faint candlelight remained lit until late at night in Lan Yun Pavilion. Xin Ci and Ying Xue softly chatted, lightly laughing.
And far away in Fang Cao House, was filled with heavy scent of alcohol.
Wen Kai watched the man sprawled out on the table and burst out a sigh.
After Mu Nian Qing came he dragged him to drink with him, barely holding up the wine cup himself, he had only drunk his second cup. Now Mu had drunk until he was unconscious, his mind was still very clear.
He drained the wine from inside his wine cup, standing up he supported Mu Nian Qing’s entire body and walked into the bedroom, placing him on the bed, covering him well with a quilt.
He picked up a flute and stood in the courtyard gently blew into it.
I know well enough naught can come of this union, Yet how it serves to ease my heart.[1]
[1] This is the last line of a seven-word poem by Li Shang Yin “直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂”. It means something along the lines of even knowing you’re yearning in vain, it’s not a good thing, but you still want to have this sort of melancholy and be melancholy for life.