"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 55 I Didn’t Say I’ll Marry You

Mu Nian Qing watched her in her thin clothing, he couldn’t help but worry about her. He lifted his hands to place his own outerwear on her body.
Ming Zhu could not react at that moment, speechless. But she felt very warm.
After what happened last time, no matter how much she looked for him, she couldn’t even see his shadow. She understood, he was hiding from her, she also didn’t go to disturb him. Because her heart was very confused. Xin Ci said she had fallen in love with the blockhead. When she first saw the blockhead she knew she liked him, also Wen Kai and Xin Ci, she also like them, but it was different from her like for the blockhead. Ah…that’s not right, she thought if Wen Kai kissed her, what would she do? She couldn’t imagine. She heard Wen Kai had already returned, why doesn’t she go and try tomorrow, haha. It’s decided then.
Ming Zhu revealed a smile as she was thinking about it. Mu Nian Qing looked strangely at her.
What was this girl thinking, lost in her thought, to go as far as to disregard my existence?
“Ruan Ming Zhu.”
Ming Zhu hearing Mu Nian Qing’s voice immediately looked at him laughing foolishly.
“Blockhead, did you especially come here to find me?”
Mu Nian Qing embarrassed look over her head not looking at Ming Zhu’s bright pair of eyes.
“Yes. No.”
Ming Zhu laughing jumped in front of him.
“Which is it yes or no?”
Mu Nian Qing thought deeply for a moment, with a upright expression.
“I came, to ask you. Is it true what you said before about having a blood lingzhi mushroom? If it’s false you must know you cannot possibly bear the consequence.”
“Ah, it’s about that, of course it’s real. My father gave me that, my dad said if I sold it then I can sell it for a good price, it would be enough to support me for the rest of my life.”
Mu Nian Qing was silent.
Is this girl stupid or smart, if people knew she had a blood lingzhi mushroom on her would they still waste money on buying it? Killing her with one blow would be better.
“Good, I believe you once. A month later will be mine and yours big wedding day, please hand over that blood lingzhi mushroom on that day. But no matter what don’t let Xin Ci know.”
Mu Nian Qing stiffly spoke these cold words, his hands slightly trembling, he couldn’t control it.
Ming Zhu frowned when she heard it.
“Blockhead, I didn’t say I would definitely marry you, although your lips are very soft…but, I still don’t know what it feels like to kiss Wen Kai. How about this, wait until tomorrow I go and kiss Wen Kai to see what it feels like then I’ll tell you who I want to marry…”
Without waiting for Ming Zhu to finish, Mu Nian Qing’s face had already darkened.
She still has to choose between me and Wen Kai, and she needs to kiss Wen Kai before deciding who to marry? Damn it, what does she think we are?
Ignoring that non-stop talking small mouth, Mu Nian Qing lifted his hand leaning against the tree trunk, trapping her within his arms, eyes focused staring at her, but there was something exceptionally strange.
“You do not seem to know what you’re talking about, you, don’t have the right to choose. You can only marry me.”

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