"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 65 Mu Also Agrees

As Xin Ci was still thinking over it, the baby on the bed suddenly started crying. Ming Zhu had let the maids leave first, Ying Xue was also away. Xin Ci could only go comfort them herself.
Gently walking to the side of the bed, seeing his crying face covered in tear stains, Xin Ci heart was not comfortable, she stiffly picked up the child gently patting him, the child when he was picked up by Xin Ci miraculously stopped crying.
Xin Ci seeing him smile relaxed, lifted her hand to wipe the tears on his face. Touching his soft face, Xin Ci unexpectedly could not remove her hand.
His face is so smooth, so soft.
The baby suddenly focused on Xin Ci, sticking out his little hand to touch the white hair flowing down. Xin quietly watched his serious little face, she felt it was abnormally familiar, but fuzzy.
Inside the courtyard, Wen Kai dressed entirely in white, stopped imposingly under a tree, his long hair dancing in the wind. Ming Zhu seeing him silently sighed. Even though he already had a handsome blockhead as a husband, but Wen Kai was still very attractive.
Wen Kai coldly turned to look at Ming Zhu.
“What did you mean?”
Ming Zhu smiled insinuatingly.
“Of course to help you, anyone can tell you care for Xin Ci a lot, but you don’t say anything at all every day, I had to help you.”
His feelings were that obvious? Even Mu could see it?
“is this your own idea?”
Ming Zhu raised her arm and waved her hand.
“No. The blockhead also agreed.”
Wen Kai hearing her softly whispered.
“Mu too, he agreed too?”
Ming Zhu seeing Wen Kai’s expression suddenly became serious.
“Don’t think I don’t know you and blockhead really care for Xin CI, since the blockhead is now married to me, I won’t allow him to have thoughts about other people. And the blockhead already told me everything that happened with Xin Ci’s husband, he hurt Xin Ci like that, do you think he’s suitable to be Xin Ci’s husband? Humph, Nangong Wu Qing, I see he’s as heartless as the rumours. Moreover, for Xin Ci to accept the two children, you have to tell her who the father of the children is. Unless you want to tell her everything about her past, tell her how heartless her husband is, causing her to be like this. Wen Kai, do you feel you or her husband is more suitable?”
Wen Kai was deeply moved by Ming Zhu’s words.
He never dared to think he would be by her side as her husband, if he originally liked her, he was now already in love with her, her innocent smile, cute smile was deeply ingrained in his mind. But…this is trickery. He could not guarantee Xin Ci would not one day remember everything.
Ming Zhu seeing Wen Kai had not spoken, already knew his inner conflict, she opened her mouth.
“Wen Kai, I already told the lie. If you want to deny it, it would only hurt Xin Ci. Even though my blockhead husband cares for Xin Ci a lot, it makes me very angry. But I also like Xin Ci a lot, I don’t want her to suffer. To can think about it yourself. I’m going back to keep Xin Ci company.”

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