"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 84 Acting

“Wu Qing…”
Fei Yan stood in her place unwilling to leave. Even if she could sort out Shen Xin Ci tomorrow, she still did not want to let Wu Qing and her pass this night together.”
“Fei Yan, this is my room. Hurry up and get out.”
Fei Yan did not speak, she stood on the spot thinking for a moment before saying.
“Fine, I’ll go. I’ll help you tell everyone, that you’ve caught Shen Xin Ci. Tomorrow between five-seven A.M me and everyone else will wait for you in the main hall.”
Having spoken, Fei Yan turned and left.
Wu Qing coldly humphed, not at all cherishing her he threw Xin Ci onto the bed.
“Tonight I’ll let you have a good sleep.”
Finished speaking, he took off his clothes and laid by Xin Ci’s side and covered himself with a quilt.
Xin Ci endured the pain from her body, and her chest wanted to roll over and over and spit out blood. She pulled at the quilt covering her body.
Tomorrow? Will she be absolved? Even though when Wu Qing returned she had long ago announced her attitude towards death. But, as death was approaching, she really missed the two children and the heavily injured Wen Kai. Even though, she didn’t love him. But, after all she owed him.
“If tomorrow you really decide to put me to death, I hope you can do it yourself.”
Xin ci soft voice entered into Wu Qing’s ears, before he returned to his senses she opened her mouth again.
“Husband, I’m going to sleep.”
Afterwards she never spoke again.
After a moment, Wu Qing turned to look at her thin back, and slender body. His heart couldn’t help sting slightly.
You want to die in my hands? Shen Xin Ci, I want allow your wish to come true.
The room fell silent, apart from the soft breathing of the two people. This night, was so beautiful. But to the two people it was painful and grievous.
Early morning. The sky was slightly whitening. Inside the main hall, the main staff in the castle gathered here, no one talked to each other, there was only indifference and hatred.
Castle Master Ouyang passed away four years ago, today, they will finally have the opportunity to avenge him.
Fei Yan stood in the middle, watching Wu Qing walking out from the back hall with Xin Ci behind him. Murderous intent in her eyes.
Shen Xin Ci, next year today will be your time of death.
Lifting the corner of her mouth, a trace of a sinister smile appeared on Fei Yan’s face.
Everyone watched Fei Yan entering, all cupping their fist in the other handing in greeting to Wu Qing.
“Respect to the Castle Master.”
Wu Qing sat on the main seat expressionless, looking at the crowd he made a slight sound of approval.
Xin Ci was pushed across the middle of the hall held by two subordinates, kneeling in front of Wu Qing. Her body slightly unstable.
The crowd seeing this once “Second Lady” burned in rage. She killed the Master, deceived the Second Master, this woman was capable of everything.
Fei Yan watched the crowd’s expression, her heart was already so glad to see it happen, she was the first to speak.
“Today, the Castle Master has caught Shen Xin Ci this wretch, giving us the opportunity on behalf of my brother, to avenge the former Castle Master. Everyone can also let go of the many years of anger and hatred. I suggest, Shen Xin Ci be dealt with by means of “lian xing” repeatedly. Does everyone agree?”

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