"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 69 Who Am I

Xin Ci agitated loosened her clothes, the belt holding her clothes getting messier. She used her strength to pull at the belt furiously muttering to herself.
“Why won’t this open, so annoying. It’s so hot…”
Wen Kai sat on the edge of the bed, both hands on Xin Ci’s disorderly hands, gently saying.
“Let me.”
The heat in Xin Ci’s body was comforted the moment Wen Kai touched her hand, she opened her hand, tracing a path up following Wen Kai’s wrist, she wanted to comfort herself.
Wen Kai carefully helped her take of her clothes, his hands trembling slightly at Xin Ci’s movements.
A moment later Xin Ci’s several layers of clothing were off, and Xin Ci was long ago snuggled in Wen Kai’s arms, her small hands were also wondering around in his inner layer of clothing. Two drops of sweat flowed down Wen Kai’s face, his body was taut, his hands not sure where they should be.
“Wen Kai, your body is really cool.”
The delirious Xin Ci forgot that she couldn’t even take off her own clothes, was not rushing to take of Wen Kai’s clothes.
Wen Kai seeing Xin Ci’s small hands entangled with his clothes, did not move at all.
If he took her he could save her, but Wen Kai was struggling. He was scared, even though Xin Ci had amnesia right now, does that mean he could do this to her?
As he was deep in though, Xin Ci had already taken off Wen Kai’s clothes. Raising her hand to take off her only piece of clothing left to embrace Wen Kai.
“So comfortable…”
Wen Kai’s skin was so cool, so smooth.
Xin Ci revealed a smile on her red face, hovering over Wen Kai’s body. Wen Kai suddenly pushed Xin Ci away, looking at her deeply.
“Xin Ci, do you know who I am?”
Xin Ci who had been pushed away twisted uneasily, she wanted to return to that comfortable embrace.
“Wen Kai, hold me.”
Wen Kai endured the burning pain in his lower body, his slightly hoarse voice was even more tempting.
“Kiss me.”
Xin Ci looked at Wen Kai confused. Wen Kai smiled.
“If you kiss me, I’ll let you hold me.”
From the start there was no choice was there? What is the use of struggling, he loves her. Yes, he loves her.
Xin Ci gradually got closer to Wen Kai, delivering her own lips. AS they were just about to touch, Wen Kai took charge instead, lifting his hands to embrace Xin Ci in his arms, deeply breathing.
Xin Ci shyly produced a playful pout, making Wen Kai unable to control his inner impulse, his tongue entering Xin Ci’s mouth touching hers.
During which several blurred and vague images flashed through Xin Ci’s mind, so quick Xin Ci couldn’t catch it. Moreover at this time Xin Ci was captivated in fascination by Wen Kai.
Wen Kai’s kiss was passionate but was also gently, his fine and slender hand streaked across Xin Ci’s delicate back, the cold feeling making Xin CI cry out.
Gently he let Xin Ci go, Wen Kai lifted his head to make Xin Ci look at him.
“Xin Ci, tell me, who am I?”
The hollow feeling in her body flooded Xin Ci’s nerves, Xin Ci lifter her hand to gently caress and stroke Wen Kai’s chest.
“You are Wen Kai, my husband Wen Kai.”
Wen Kai smiled in satisfaction, covering Xin Ci’s lips with his, his hand going downwards…

T/N: I’ll be posting later on in the day now due to work and life etc but onto this chapter I think this emoticon sums up my feelings ˉ̡̠̭̭”( ⑉¯ །། ¯⑉ )ˉ̡̠̭̭”

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