"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 35 Scattering Her Strength

The next morning, Xin Ci woke early and washed up. After eating she came to Fang Cao House.
Wen Kai was researching medicine, hearing Xin Ci come in he didn’t stop what he was working on.
“Doctor good morning.”
Xin Ci slightly bowed asking if Wen Kai is good, Wen Kai nodded his head lightly.
“You can see yourself, don’t mess around.”
Xin Ci surprised, picked up a book and sat to the side reading lightly.
Inside the room it was abnormally quiet, Wen Kai and Xin Ci did not speak again, doing their own things.
Wen Kai occasionally lifted her head to look at Xin Ci, he saw her reading the book seriously, quiet like she wasn’t there, he did not notice a trace of a smile on her face. Lowering his head he carried on working.
Time slowly passed, it did not affect those in the house at all.
Feeling her body stiffen, Xin Ci put down her book and gently moved her joints. Lifting her head towards Wen Kai, seeing if he was still working. Noticing the room had darkened, Xin Ci then noticed it was already evening, she gently stood up, she lit the candle on the table and placed it on Wen Kai’s desk.
Wen Kai turned his head to look at Xin Ci, Xin Ci smiled back slightly.
“Doctor Wen Kai, it’s already dark outside, I’m going to return first.”
Wen Kai turned taking a bundle of medicine to Xin Ci.
“Still boil this medicine with seven bowls of water until it becomes one bowl of liquid.”
Xin Ci smiled as took it.
“Sorry for the trouble Doctor Wen, thank you.”
Wen Kai nodded.
“Go back.”
Xin Ci bowed slightly and left.
Every day Cin Ci would come to Fang Cao House early, looking at medical books to medical ingredients, Xin Ci did everything very seriously.
For Wen Kai, he didn’t say much, only occasionally explaining to her when she looked confused. Apart from that they didn’t really speak.
After seven days, Xin Ci walked towards Wen Kai after the sky had darkened outside.
Wen Kai put down his work, lightly producing a gold silk tying it around Xin Ci’s wrist.
Xin Ci was shocked, she didn’t recklessly move.
When will Doctor Wen actually warn me beforehand?
Wen Kai felt her pulse and his eyebrows locked together. Putting away the gold silk, Wen Kai’s expression was especially grave.
“What’s wrong? Doctor Wen.”
Seeing Wen Kai’s expression, Xin Ci didn’t have a trace of concern. Nothing concerned her any more, she couldn’t return to Wu Qing’s side, to her it was only torture.
“Have you felt tired lately, your four limbs lacking strength?”
Xin Ci was somewhat taken aback, she carefully thought about it.
“A little bit, maybe it’s related to me not sleeping well lately.”
Since she had been coming here to study medicine, Xin Ci thought she could avoid thinking of Wu Qing at every moment, but she didn’t think, even if she returned to Lan Yun Pavilion so tired she could hit the pillow and sleep, she could still see Wu Qing’s figure in her dreams.
“Try and gather your strength, see how much internal strength you can raise.”
Xin Ci listened and gathered her strength, she discovered she couldn’t raise it all all.
“This is?”
Wen Kai took several medicines from the cupboard and wrapped them up.
“You’re suffering from your strength being scattered, the medicine dosage controlling it is only little, naturally you didn’t feel it.”
Strength being scattered? Who in You Ming Castle would want to depose of her martial arts? Apart from Ying Xue by her side, there’s no one else. It seems like she needed to go back and find out.