"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 28

Early next morning, Xia Ling Mei was the first to wake, before she had even gotten up she saw Xia Fen spreading out his five fingers, gesturing on top of Wang Yun Feng’s neck.

“Fen Er, what are you about to do?”

“Throttle him to death.”

Xia Ling Mei was shocked, suddenly grabbing Xia Fen’s wrist, without explanation she dragged him out of bed. Turning her head to look at Wang Yun Feng sleeping, before she relaxed and said surpressing her emotions: “You can’t kill him.”

Xia Fen with exceeding certainty said: “I know.”

Xia Ling Mei scowled, then what were you doing just now?

Xia Fen puffed up his cheeks: “He’s fighting with me for mother. Zhuang Sun Zi[1] said, whoever sleeps with mother, will want to take mother away, don’t want me anymore.”

Zhuang Sheng, you cheap Sun Zi! Xia Ling Mei secretly grinded her teeth, so angry her eyebrows palpitated: “The words of a stranger, cannot be trusted.”

Xia Fen worldly-wise shook his head: “He is my ally, we are unanimous towards outsiders.” 
Even the current martial arts leader Jiu Fang Xi could not handle the two of them, an insignificant Wang Yun Feng, counted as nothing.

“Then what if mother and Zhuang Sheng lived together? At that time you’re not afraid I will abandon you?”

Xia Fen made a fist, saying with resolute: “At that time he will be my enemy, I will use all my strength to pull out his tendons and tear his skin off, turn his bones into dust.”

“Aren’t you allies?”

“General Xia said, there is only mutual benefit, not a mutual enemy! As a commander, you need to know how to use someone’s help, after that break each and every one, then you can win the final victory.”

Since young Xia Fen grew up with Xia Ling Mei at the barracks, after Xia Ling Mei left the Wang residence she did not want to return to the Xia residence and become a complaining woman who stayed in her room, with her martial art skills she found General Xia. Initially when she found out she was pregnant, she stayed by General Xia’s side as a personal bodyguard with ease, by the time Xia Fen was born, she rolled up her long whip and became a neither too big nor too small centurion, braving the wind and the billows everyday if she wasn’t beheading pirates she was fighting powerful enemies, blood soaked as she charged and broke through enemy lines, obtaining the acknowledgement with effort amongst the great older generations surrounding them for the mother and son.

Xia Fen grew up on the ships, apart from consuming Xia Ling Mei’s mother’s milk, during the day he would be rolling and crawling around the hold of General Xia’s ship, the people he saw were either matchlessly brave and muscular high-ranking military officers, or young and vigorous soldiers, hearing words if not `kill`, then `wear them down for several days, when its right we’ll again kill`. By the time he could speak and stand, General Xia intentionally nurtured him even more, even tying him to the helm of the ship in a battle, the wind and rain came, his physique and courage was out of the ordinary, and even learned quite a lot of General Xia’s strategies, temper viciously reckless and yet calm, with a bit of General Xia’s predatory nature. Up to the age of five or six, because there were no one of the same age around him, and has never left the sea, he was spoiled by the high-ranking military officers to be used to being unruly and overbearing, as time passed instead he didn’t know how an ordinary boy should act. Therefore, General Xia considered it over and over again, thinking that the children at Bai Lu academy of classical learning started around the age of five or six, he pondered delivering him back to the Xia residence so he could go to school and honestly learn to be a man of integrity.

Xia Fen held the Xia family’s surname, he was on the family records, even though everyone did not hide the identity of his biological father, intending to use the child, their link, to act as matchmaker for Wang Yun Feng and Xia Ling Mei. General Xia’s intestines twisted around forty-nine times, before sending him off he told Kong Xian particularly, he must foist the child onto Xia Ling Mei. The matter of Wang Yun Feng chasing after Xia Ling Mei’s footsteps, the 
Xia family knew about it, wherever Xia Ling Mei is there would be Wang Yun Feng, the family of three had to meet at some point, this feral child will automatically make the husband and wife better.

Xia Ling Mei did not find Xia Fen’s temper different, but once she wondered the Jianghu, and the time she spent at the Gu residence, she then suddenly felt this was not the battlefield raining with blood, rather it was genuine peace and prosperity. Therefore in a few months, her young lady of an influential family’s manner and self-restraint had gradually returned.

Today hearing Xia Fen’s response, only then did she feel deeply the child’s temper was wrong, she felt guilty in her mind, she couldn’t help hugging him, lightly saying: “This person isn’t your enemy, and is not an ordinary stranger, if you kill him, what would mother do?”
Xia Fen automatically said: “At that time mother will be mine alone, no one could steal you away.”

“But mother will be heart-broken.”

Xia Fen tilted his head, his tiny hand subconsciously grabbing the scroll painting from his bosom. When he was younger he would annoy people to draw a portrait of his father, at first he had thought he would be a formidable person like General Xia, how was he to know he was a useless scholar, he couldn’t help but be disappointed. By the time he met Wang Yun Feng in person, he felt that although the other person knew a bit of martial arts but he really should build up his strength, when he spoke it was like hail, completely without the outspoken and expansive air of the military, he was increasingly unhappy. Fortunately, the two people quickly separated, he again thought about it, but there was Zhuang Sheng by his mother’s left side, Jiu Fang Xi on her right, he did not understand using his proximity to the powerful to obtain favour, but he had an intuition like a wild beast. Deep inside, he only felt Zhuang Sheng and Jiu Fang Xi did not treat Xia Ling Mei in the same manner as the officers and soldiers of the past, he therefore temporarily disregarded Wang Yun Feng, wholeheartedly sweeping away the love affairs by Xia Ling Mei’s side.

What he never expected, was in one night, that Wang Yun Feng climbed into Xia Ling Mei’s bed, as well as struggle over domain with this young child, enough is enough.

Mother, is Xia Fen’s alone!

He did not know how to compromise with anyone, the officers and soldiers taught to face and slaughter the enemy, subconsciously he only knew the principle `those who block my way will die`.

He carefully scrutinised Xia Ling Mei’s expression, only seeing his mother who in her former days was completely domineering now was somewhat more tender, appearing the same as she usually treats him, yet vaguely feeling she was a little bit different. He very cautiously asked: “If mother is heartbroken, will you hit Fen Er’s bottom?”

Xia Ling Mei released him, pinching his chubby cheeks: “Why would I hit your bottom? You have rough skin and thick flesh hitting you would hurt my hand. If you hurt him, you will never again have chicken butt in the future.”

Xia Fen’s face immediately fell, in his mind, chicken butt is too important, so much more important than Zhuang Sheng. He could not have Zhuang Sheng, but he could not have chicken butt. It must be known, at sea, chicken butt was a common seldom great meal.

Mouth-watering: “Then I won’t kill him, can I have chicken butt today?”

Xia Ling Mei couldn’t help shooting a glance at the sleeping Wang Yun Feng, if he knew his son saw chicken butt as even more important than his life, how would he react?

Laughing for quite some time, Xia Ling Mei again warned Xia Fen to not rashly take someone’s life, Xia Fen considered it over and over again: “As long as mother doesn’t bring other people into bed, Fen Er will not kill them”

Xia Ling Mei was powerless, originally last night she also did not think her and Wang Yun Feng would share a bed.

While the mother and son were talking about chicken butt and killing people their several connections, then signing a string of human life and chicken butt unequal treaty, Xia Fen then followed Zhuang Sheng who had been waiting outside for a long time to train, before he left he still turned his head: “Mother, fight with me later.”

Xia Ling Mei seeing Wang Yun Feng had still not woken up, after going through Xia Fen’s controlling declaration it was best not to stay by his side. After carefully pinching his nose, she walked away reluctantly.

Because it was the manor of the martial arts leader, everywhere at the training ground were martial artists.

Xia Ling Mei taught Xia Fen the majority of techniques, actually not afraid of people peeking. Most of what Xia Fen learned was how to face an enemy on the battlefield, each move, each style were directly attacking the vital parts, on top of that he was little and nimble, the gold border on his short garment was dazzling as its little owner moved, drawing people to cast sidelong glances.

Zhuang Sheng practiced with him provoking him in all kinds of way then jumping onto the roof, not coming down unless it was for life or death. Xia Fen glanced at the other person in distain, with Zhuang Sheng and Kong Xian to find the path to the martial arts leader Jiu Fang Xi. He was no match for him alone, naturally he needed helpers. Zhuang Sheng’s qinggong was outstanding, Kong Xian’s internal strength was constantly developing, Xia Fen’s nimble adaptability, the two of them could be regarded as half of Xia Fen’s teacher, with complete mutual understanding, they actually surround Jiu Fang Xi for a short time.

Xia Ling Mei brandishing a long whip gathered it up, drinking tea to one side. Zhuang Sheng rushed to her side: “I heard Lord Wang has arrived, is it important?”

Xia Ling Mei knew what Zhuang Sheng was asking, she couldn’t help but think of the deep kiss in the middle of the night, her face reddened: “He only came to find me.”
How could Zhuang Sheng miss the other person’s complexion, his mouth was bitter: “You still choose him.”

Xia Ling Mei tilted her head, softly saying: “Since the day I met him, I have never had the choice. Moreover, I am his wife.”

Zhuang Sheng still effortlessly laughed: “I was delusional.”

Xia Ling Mei tightened her grip around the long whip in her hand, looking at the small leopard on the training ground: “You should know Xia Fen’s past…”

“Of course I know.” Zhuang Sheng impatiently interrupted her, controlling his tone of voice: “But the young master’s name has given me a gleam of hope. Fen, isn’t that for separation. Back then, you would have been determined to forget him, how can you change your mind in a mere short month. Only because of a child? Or is it because…”

Because in Xia Ling Mei’s mind there has only ever been Wang Yun Feng, with another person, give her ten years and she still wouldn’t easily fall in love, but if the person is Wang Yun Feng, his every movement will always be capable of controlling her entire mind.

Both of them knew this, but none of them would say it out.

“Or,” Zhuang Sheng rubbed his sword hilt, mockingly: “If you were not a stubborn woman ready to die to preserve one’s chastity like this, I would not have fallen in love with you. If I had known earlier it would be like this, I would not have kept up this noble character, I would have sooner used the flower thief method, and not have gotten to the point of being discarded.”

Xia Ling Mei was stunned: “What sort of methods do you flower thieves usually use?”

Zhuang Sheng unperturbed: “Act first, report later.”

Xia Ling Mei shook her head, having nothing to say. Zhuang Sheng, inside and out could not be considered a man of honour.

Xia Ling Mei wiped her sweat, taking Xia Fen to change clothes, only then calling on Wang Yun Feng. Hei Zi and Bai Zi had long ago disappeared not knowing where they’d gone, Ying Shi and Xiu Yu were preparing breakfast, Bai Yan and Juan Shu could not enter Xia Ling Mei’s room.

The person sleeping on the bed was still sleeping in the same position he was in when she left, not even his brows had moved much. Xia Ling Mei felt suspicious, Wang Yun Feng used to be a court councillor who had to report to the government office every day, after being promoted to imperial censor, he needed to be in court at dawn, he absolutely could not sleep in, it did not make sense that everyone was awake but he was still in bed.

With a touch of the wrist, his pulse was slow, his skin ice-cold, clearly he had fallen ill again.

This time, Xia Ling Mei could not stay out of it, she was genuinely so scared her complexion paled.

[1] Sun Tzu, also known as Sun Wu (c. 500 BC, dates of birth and death uncertain), general, strategist and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period (700-475 BC), believed to be the author of the “Art of War, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China.

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