"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 94 Bamboo Forest

Wu Qing observed Xin Ci, he wanted to see through her, his hands also involuntarily clenched, the strength was so great that it pulled the wounds on his body. Xin Ci being watched by him felt a slight chill, she lowered her head to avoid his sharp gaze, but discovered fresh blood seeping out of his wounds, with a loud cry, she rushed to Wu Qing’s side.
“Husband, you’re bleeding.”
Wu Qing stood on the spot, not moving at all. Looking at the Xin Ci by his side he coldly said.
“You don’t have to put on this fake hypocritical act, you’re anxious for me to sleep, then you would do whatever you want, you can return to that half dead not living lover’s side, raising your two heirs living a fortunate happy life, right,”
Wu Qing got more and more emotional as he spoke, that in the end he couldn’t help but shout it out.
He minded, he should die caring that after she betrayed him she threw herself into someone else’s arms, cared that she was someone else’s wife, she was his alone, she was his alone.
While he was raging Wu Qing had forgotten Ouyang Shao Kun was at the side, only seeing him raise his hand, Wu Qing’s body softened slowly falling. His eyes stared widely at Xin Ci, powerless saying. “You are mine alone.” Fainting to the ground.
Xin Ci’s face was long ago covered in tear stains, she kneeled, holding Wu Qing in her arms lifting her head to Uncle Kun.
“Uncle Kun…”
Ouyang Shao Kun stood up walking beside Xin Ci.
“Don’t worry, Wu Qing is fine, I only made him take a rest.”
Xin Ci nodded her head, lowering her head she observed Wu Qing deeply, tears soundlessly sliding down.
Who was going to tell her, what she should do? How to say it?
“Liu Quan.”
Just as Uncle Kun spoke, Liu Quan pushed open the door and entered.
“Carry Wu Qing to the bed, gently.”
Liu Quan nodded walked over to Wu Qing. Uncle Kun looked at Xin Ci, saying.
“Xin Ci, you follow me.”
Xin Ci handed Wu Qing to Liu Quan, standing up she wiped her tears. Ouyang Shao Kun nodded his head towards the door and walked out, Xin Ci followed closely behind. When they reached the door Ouyang Shao Kun paused for a moment.
“Before I come back don’t let anyone enter the room.”
Liu Quan did not hesitate before replying.
To him Uncle Kun’s words were a command, and he, complied with them unconditionally.
Ouyang Shao Kun nodded his head before heading outside. Xi Ci quietly followed Uncle Kun, even though it was the first time she met him, but Xin Ci trusted him over anyone.
After walking for a while Xin Ci and Uncle Kun passed through an area of dense bamboo forest, the emerald green colour appeared to be so very much alive, giving people hope. A breeze blew past, the bamboo forest produced a beating `[da,da]` sound, the air was also especially fresh and clean, tranquil.
Leaving the bamboo forest, on the edge only a two storey house can be seen, bathed in the first sunlight of the dawn it was outstanding as if it was a paradise, faintly discernible, imaginary. Slowly walking into the house, a faint smell of Buddhist joss sticks rushed into Xin Ci’s sense of smell, Xin Ci couldn’t refrain from relaxing.

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    1. I wonder how the author will make the resolution of the story. It’ll be very unsatisfying if Wu Qing just suddenly trusts her words, she forgives him, the evil woman is killed, they live together with their children, and bam the end. I wonder if it’ll take several years before he’ll sees the children again and realize it himself that her children are his.