"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 87 Lost of Martial Art

Wu Qing stood on the spot, his expression as before.
“If anyone has any ill-feelings because of Wu Qing’s Castle Master status, there is no need. If everyone agrees, Wu Qing can give up his position as Castle Master.”
Hearing these words everyone was in an uproar, gasped in dismay, Fei Yan stared at Wu Qing with wide eyes. Eyes flickering slightly, startled that she was unable to speak for a short while.
Wu Qing seeing everyone’s expression opened his mouth again.
“These four years, Wu Qing has constantly been training, everything in the castle was dealt with by Fei Yan, Qing Long and Chi Hu. I as a Castle Master is nothing but a fake. Since Fei Yan and Qing long already decided how to deal with this, not listening to Wu Qing’s humble opinion and decision. Then Wu Qing will give the position of Castle Master for them to fulfil, I believe you can all see it will be a success.”
Wu Qing spoke calmly, but anyone could hear the intentions behind his words.
He was the Castle Master, for the past four years he didn’t deal with things did not mean did does not have the power. If they didn’t support his decision this time, then the consequences can be imagined, they would lose Nangong Wu Qing.
The Hidden Castle basically didn’t pay attention to things in the Jianghu, but everyone knew there were precious rare martial art skills books in the Hidden Castle. Recently the number of people who came to the Hidden Castle to steal the books had gradually increased greatly, Qing Long and Chi Hu were part of the five great law enforcers, but they couldn’t deal with the large number of people. Wu Qing retreated for nearly four years, his martial art skills were incomparable to all in the castle. If they lose him now, the Hidden Castle will gradually be wantonly intruded by people from the Jianghu. Everyone looked at each other in the Main Hall, not knowing what to do, if they stepped out in agreement with Wu Qing then clearly they would be opposing Fei Yan, they couldn’t afford to offend Lady Fei Yan’s temperament.
Qing Long and Chi Hu also lowered their head not speaking again.
Fei Yan seeing everyone’s helpless expression, she knew with Wu Qing’s words there was no room for manoeuvre, she could only concede.
Tightly gripping her hands, she didn’t even feel her nails digging into her palm. Fei Yan ferociously stared at Xin Ci’s frail body, the corner of her mouth slightly raised, a sinister smile appearing.
“Fine, the Castle Master will be taken to the punishment room to be whipped. However how does the Castle Master want to punish Zhen Xin CI. Unless you want her to continue living free and at ease, pretend nothing happened?”
Wu Qing placed his hands behind his back turning to look at Xin Ci.
“I will nullify her martial art skills, so she can’t commit outrages.”
Fei Yan hearing his words could not help but laugh out loud.
“Her martial art skills has already been scattered, what’s the point of nullifying her skills.”
Xin Ci hearing her words lifted her eyes glancing at Fei Yan. She tried to remember everything in the past to understand what happened. But why couldn’t she?
Wu Qing standing to the side hearing hr words, raised his eyebrow looking at Fei Yan.
“Fei Yan how do you know her martial art skills have scattered?”
Fei Yan hearing Wu Qing’s suspicious question was suddenly lost, how could she make such a big mistake. With a turn of her gaze, Fei Yan indifferently stated.
“Last night seing her reaction I already knew, with her martial art skills wouldn’t she have avoided my sword? If you didn’t stop me, she would have already met the King of Hell.”
Wu Qing’s eyes flashed, he suspected Fei Yan that’s why he asked, but he did not burst out in anger. He lifted his hand to Xin Ci’ hand to investigate.
The outcome was obvious, Xin Ci really did not have any internal strength.
Retracting his hand, Wu Qing thought back to last night and that hit.
So she wasn’t acting. It was because of his neglect, unexpectedly he didn’t now about this.