"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 15 Destroyed (1)

Wu Qing was unable to be patient with the burdensome clothing. Using his strength, the cloths were transformed into dandelion seeds.[1]
Xin Ci lifted her eyes.
Husband…he isn’t such a violent person, why is he like this.
Wu Qing roughly removed his own clothes and pressed up on her.
His hands, roughened by the years of t training caressed Xin Ci’s shaking body.
Xin Ci was so scared she didn’t know how to resist, even though he was acting strangely Xin Ci knew he was her husband Wu Qing.
Softly a husky sound entered her ear.
“Give me, Xin Ci, give me.”
Xin Ci revealed a smile, he is her husband, he is Wu Qing. There was nothing to fear.
She gently nodded. Enduring the sharp pain which suddenly came, she didn’t move an inch.
Outside the window a pair of eye filled with resent glowed in the black night.
Shen Xin Ci, you understand now, that I will make you pay me back a hundred times.
Watching the intertwined figures in the house, hearing an exciting moan, Fei Yan’s fingertips pressed down into her palms. Fresh blood dripping down the fingers.
Like her heart, it was extremely painful.
Lifting her head towards the bright moon in the sky, there was still another two hours, that was enough.
Inside the room it gradually quietened down, Fei Yan stood at the door, waiting for the opportunity to enter.
Xin Ci seeing the Wu Qing sleeping beside her, quietly put on her clothes.
After she had put on a single garment she was bowled over by the sudden pain inside her body.
A heat flowed through her entire body’s meridian, wherever it went it felt like the pain of a thousand swords passing through her.
Is this the backfire husband was talking about?
Xin Ci didn’t dare to be careless, she stood wanting to use her internal strength to stabilise this energy.
“is it really painful?”
Xin Ci endured the pain and stood up, looking at Fei Yan who had entered the house.
“Why did the Lady Fei Yan come so late at night?”
Even if she put more effort into control it, her voice was still trembling.
Fei Yan laughed with bloodthirst.
“How was it? Were you in ecstasy just now? That was my special gift to you. Before you died I let you and Wu Qing be affectionate once. Before he definitely did not treat you like that right. Was it really comfortable, really enjoyable?”
Two red clouds[2] immediately appeared on Xin Ci’s face.
No wonder she had constantly felt there was something strange with her husband, but husband had always been by her side, when was it?
…The medicine?
Ignoring the pains in the course of her meridians, Xin Ci stabilised her physique.
“What did you add to the medicine?”
Fei Yan seductively smiled.
“Nothing much, just a little bit of hua gu qing[3], you should be thanking me, this drug is rare in the world. The user will be in ecstasy. I also added an extra drug, let him sleep for a bit and his physical strength will be replenished.”
Xin Ci could not bear the waves of pain that hit her and fell down.
Fei Yan walked in front of Xin Ci. The smile she showed as she looked at Xin Ci’s pained expression was abnormally charming.
[1] Like when you blow on dead dandelions and the white fluffy seeds fly through the air.
[2] Blush.
[3] A “stimulant”.

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