"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 54 Why Did You Come Here?

Late at night. Wen Kai supped tea on his own, quietly waiting.
Only hearing the faint footsteps, a person pushed open the door, sat in front of Wen Kai, lifting up the tea quietly sipping it up.
“What happened?”
Wen Kai placed down the tea cup, looking at Mu Nian Qing.
“I found my master, but my master doesn’t have any blood lingzhi mushroom, master told me in the Jianghu there are only two blood lingzhi mushrooms, one is in the palace, a few years ago the emperor had used it already to save the empress, there’s still another, my father doesn’t know who has it. If what that girl says is true, then it’s with her. Do you think her words are believable?”
Mu Nian Qing head hung down, thinking of that kiss from before, hand unconsciously touching his lips, vaguely remembering the soft touch from that day. For so many years, he did look at woman, but he limited it to desire, he wouldn’t go and kiss them, because he believed that was a happy thing that someone does with their loved one. But that day he did react, but he did not ask how she was before running away. From that day on he was always hiding from her, I wonder what she’s doing right now?
Wen Kai saw Mu Nian Qing’s strange expression, he frowned slightly.
“Ah, that, if we’re talking about it, we can only decide to believe in her.”
Mu Nain Qing unnaturally stood up.
“Today I’m also tired, I’ll return first.”
Having spoken he turned around to leave Fang Cao House.
Wen Kai was in a slight daze as he watched him leave.
Did I leave for so long? Why do I feel Mu isn’t the same, did I do something wrong?
Mu Nian Qing who had left his brain was filled with Ming Zhu, that idiotic woman who dared to express her own thoughts.
Maybe he was jealous of her, being able to express her like for someone, and he was ever fearful and nervous of his love for Xin Ci, hiding it for so many years, at last when he decided to give it all his effort, she, she was already someone else’s wife. He knew he should forget such feelings, take care of Xin Ci well, to her…he should only maintain a sibling relationship. But. Can he really do so?
Maybe, he should believe in that girl, marry her, wouldn’t he also be relieved.
He lowered his head to laugh foolishly.
Mu Nian Qing, Mu Nian Qing. When did you become such a coward, so unbearable.
He lifted his head, finding himself having walked to where Ming Zhu lived unexpectedly. Inside the house there was already no light, she should already be asleep. When he turned thinking of leaving, he discovered a figure under a tree far away.
Mu Nian Qing frowned slightly.
Is that her?
When he returned to his senses he was already standing in front of her.
“Lady Ming Zhu?”
Ming Zhu surprised turned her head, staring wide eyed at Mu Nian Qing.
“Blockhead, what are you doing here so late at night?”

T/N: What does the blockhead want~~~

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  1. LOL, she’s actually really strong willed, calling the master of the castle blockhead in the face… I wonder if she is… a princess or someone with a similarly high ranking – being wilful enough to demand other people to marry her! xD
    Thank you, sloth-san for translating! I believe that if you call yourself a sloth, then no one else dares to call them self fast.