"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 38 Transferring Poison

The next morning, Ying Xue pushed opened the door seeing Xin Ci busying with something by the bathtub.
“Lady cousin, what are you busying with?”
After what happened last night, Ying Xue respected Xin Ci even more, but what she could only do,, was to look after Xin Ci very well for the remaining three days.
Xin Ci turned her head, gave Ying Xue a slight smile. But the shadows under her eyes showed her tiredness.
“Ying Xue, I already thought of a way to detoxify you.”
Hearing this Ying Xue, was so moved she stepped forward clutching Xin Ci’s hand.
“Lady cousin, you, what you’re saying is true?”
Xin Ci nodded.
“I’ve already prepared it. Right now you only need to remove your clothes and soak in the tub for two hours. After two hours I promise you will be as healthy as before.”
Ying Xue was so touched she cried.
“Lady cousin, I poisoned you, yet you’re so nice to me. Ying Xue will repay you, Ying Xue swears, I will follow Lady cousin all my life, if I have to work like a horse I would be perfectly happy to do it.”
Xin Ci gently wiped the tears away from Ying Xue’s face. All her life was very long, so long that she thought it would be very painful. She actually didn’t know how to detoxify, but she knows how to transfer poison, thinking about it over night, she could only think this method. She didn’t want anyone to die because of her, she was also living with much toil. Only she really misses Wu Qing, it would be great if she could see him once before she died.
“We mustn’t delay, let’s start now. I’ll go prepare. You go soak in the bathtub right now.”
Ying Xue nodded.
Xin Ci turned and entered her bedroom. She took out silver needles used on the large acupuncture points. Her internal strength right now was almost gone. She could only use silver needles to gather slightly her remaining internal strength from her entire body’s meridian. She doesn’t know if she could persist for two hours, but there was already no other method. Slowly breathing out, Xin Ci walked out to the main hall. She saw Ying Xue had listened to her and was soaking in the bathtub. Xin Ci took a knife, walking behind Ying Xue.
“Endure it a bit, it’ll be very painful.”
Ying Xue nodded her head, as long as she doesn’t die from her whole body festering, a bit of pain was nothing. Xin Ci lifted her hand cutting the middle of Ying Xue’s back, and rapidly cutting her own right palm pressing it to the wound. She started harnessing her qi.
Inside Fang Cao House, Wen Kai put the medical ingredients down from his hand, lost in thought he looked entrance.
Why has she still not come yet? Unless something else happened. Forget about it, whatever happens has nothing to do with him.
Lowering his head, Wen Kai carried on with his work but his mind was fretting.
“Damn it!”
Wen Kai ferociously hit the table with his palm, causing many medicinal herbs to fly about.
She is Mu’s cousin, and she was someone Mu cared about. For Mu he should still go and see.
“It’d be best something didn’t happen.”
After speaking he walked to Lan Yun Pavilion with a fast pace.
On the way Wen Kai told himself, he was only going to see her because she’s Mu’s cousin, only because of this.

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  1. I believe:
    “After what happened last night, Ying Xue respected Xin Ci even more, but what she could only do,, was to look after Xin Ci very weel for the remaining three days.”
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    “After what happened last night, Ying Xue respected Xin Ci even more, but what she could only do, was to look after Xin Ci very well for the remaining three days.”
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