"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 14 Stimulant

“What are you holding?”
Xiao Cui seeing the haggard Fei Yan in front of her bowed her head in greeting.
“Lady, this is the medicine for the Second Master.”
Fei Yan lifted the corner of her mouth slightly, she held the medicine under her nose and smelled it before putting it back.
“The Second Master’s injury isn’t better?”
“It’s already quickly healed.”
“Fine, take it over. Don’t tell the Second Master you saw me.”
The Second Master was injured because of the Lady, to avoid embarrassment it would be good for her not to say anything.
Xiao Cui didn’t think too much of it and bowed slightly, carrying the medicine away.
Fei Yan stood there, her face revealing a sinister smile.
Shen Xin Ci. Today I’ll make you disappear.
It was peaceful inside the room, Xin Ci sat by the window reading, Wu Qing sat at the table looking at the ledgers.
“Second Master, Second Lady.”
The door was opened, Xiao Cui walked in carrying the medicine.
“Second Master the medicine has been made.”
Xin Ci put down her book and stood up, walking over to take the bowl of medicine.
“You can go and rest.”
“Yes, this servant shall withdraw.”
Xiao Cui bowed and left, only Xin CI and Wu Qing were left in the room.
Gently blowing on the medicine, seeing a little steam coming from the medicine she handed it to Wu Qing.
“Husband, drink it quickly.”
Wu Qing took the medicine, secretly smiling at Xin Ci’s stupidity. Every time he drank his medicine, Xin Ci would use her internal strength to cool the medicine quicker.
Draining the medicine in one gulp, before he could taste the bitterness a candied fruit was stuffed into his mouth.
Xin Ci smiled and looked at him.
“Is it sweet? Husband.”
Wu Qing faintly tilted the corner of his mouth up and looked at Xin Ci.
The way she treated him, always with such care, it would be hard for his heart not to be moved.
Swallowing the candied fruit, Wu Qing raised his hand and wrapped them around Xin Ci’s waist. Making her body stick close to his, his mouth attached to her lips, sampling his favourite wine.
Xin Ci was at a loss to what to do with Wu Qing’s sudden movement, she could only collapsed intoxicated into his embrace.
Wu Qing originally only wanted to flirt, nothing more, but now he discovered he didn’t want to stop, inside his body a heat fled thorough each part of his body bursting his nerves.
He wanted even more.
His tongues absolutely unrestrained travelled back and forth, hands caressing her soft body.
Wu Qing growled and picked up Xin Ci, walking to the bed he placed Xin Ci down, he also pushed himself down.
Xin Ci’s body softly trembled, she knew what was about to happen. But she felt there was something wrong with Wu Qing at this moment.
Wu Qing used his mouth to stop Xin Ci’s question, his hands also didn’t stop taking off layers of clothing.
Wu Qing could not control his own hands, his head had only one idea.
He wants her.


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