"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 75 Fight

“Nangong Wu Qing, why did you come here today?”
Wu Zing coldly watched Wen Kai in front of him, laughing slightly.
“Shen Xin Ci actually likes a handsome man dressed entirely in white, has she ever told you how beautiful you looked wearing white?”
The memory passed through Wu Qing’s mind, making the smile on his face even more sinister.
Not knowing hearing his words, the same image passed through Xin Ci’s mind.
She carefully helped him dress in the clothes she made by hand, seeing his handsome appearance, cheeks slightly red, she softly said to him.
“Husband, you look very beautiful wearing white.”
Xin Ci viciously raised her head, both eyes filled with tears. Just now, what happened? Why would she call him husband? Her head hurt so much, who could tell her what is actually happening. Xin Ci powerless clutched her head, weakly she leaned against a tree, more and more thoughts rose.
“Nangong Wu Qing, I don’t care what happened four years ago, Xin Ci right now is my wife, if you want to do anything to hurt her or the two children, I’ll risk my life to fight you.”
A blood-thirsty smile undulated Wu Qing’s face, raising his hand he slowly took out his silver blade, watching Wen Kai with confidence and ease.
“Today, kill me.”
Wen Kai delivered the two children to Xin Ci’s side, seeing Xin Ci’s pained expression, he really wanted to share the burden with her. But right now he had something more important to do.
Standing in front of Wu Qing, Wen Kai drew out a sword from his waist.
“Nangong Wu Qing, let us today declare a winner.”
Wen Kai knew he didn’t have much odds of success, but right now he could only use all his strength to fight.
Wu Qing coldly humphed, smiling with distain. Rushing towards Wen Kai with his sword, Wen did everything he could to block and fought each other. Blades flashed, shadows of swords as they hit. The numerous flowers and plants in the courtyard were harmed by the swords strength. Green leaves dancing in the wind, hovering around the two people, an unspeakable grace and magnificence, but nevertheless it was a bloody struggle.
The two children frightened tightly clutched Xin Ci’s skirt, tears covering their pale little faces.
Right now Xin Ci nearly collapsed from being tortured by her memories, seeing the two people fighting her heart tightly seized.
Wu Qing made fierce moves absolutely not leaving room for leeway, each stroke of the blade made to harm, but Wen Kai always cleverly escaped. But Wen Kai saw using a lot of strength. After four years of training Wu Qing’s martial arts was long ago even more profound, even though he paid a painful price, but he did not regret it, he wanted revenge, revenge for the betrayal of Shen Xin Ci.
Wu Qing narrowed his eyes, hate motivating his strength, so that his movements were even sharper.
Wen Kai could not handle this rapidly barely dodging his body, nevertheless his chest was slashed deeply, a bloody wound. His body slightly trembled, Wen Kai did not rest at all, raising his hand to block Wu Qing’s vicious attacks. The violent actions sped up the flow of the blood even more, bright red blood flowed down his clothes, buds of pretty flowers blossomed on the snowy white clothing.
Xin Ci vigorously shook her head, trying to chase away the waves of pain.
No, no she cannot collapse.
Xin Ci one had clutching her painful forehead, one had hugging the two children, not letting them see the bloody scene.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Oh nooooo……. Wen Kai’s going to die….This all started with that girl who liked Wu Qing. His revenge is misplaced.
  2. Thanks for translating
    This story is pretty darn frustrating
    Who is the male lead ? Wen Kai seems a much better person than her useless husband, who can’t use his brains to think much
    But these 3 people cheated her by making her believe that Wen Kai is her husband, not something friends would do
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