"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 76 I’ll Go With You

Wu Qing's fighting was flirtatious and bloodthirsty, dressed entirely in black it set off his physique and appearance very vividly.
Wen Kai lost a lot of blood, he gradually couldn’t carry on. Wu Qing seized the opportunity to stab Wen Kai’s chest. The bloody fight stopped, having won Wu Qing withdraw his silver sword blood erupting out. Wen Kai’s body gradually slid onto the ground before Wu Qing.
At the moment when that sword stabbed Wen Kai, Xin Ci remembered everything. She hurried rushed to hold Wen Kai’s body. Tears flowing incessantly down her face. The two children also rushed over to Wen Kai’s side.
“Wen Kai, Wen Kai. Hold on, I beg you…”
Wen Kai strained to lift his hand, wanting to wipe the tears for Xin Ci, Xin Ci grabbed his hand putting it against her own cheeks.
“Don’t cry…I’m fine.”
Xin Ci lifted her hand to seal several acupuncture points on Wen Kai, helping him stop the bleeding. Her face meeting Wen Kai’s distressed eyes.
“You…remember everything.”
Xin Ci nodded incessantly.
“Yes. I remember everything.”
Wen Kai pulled out a bitter smile. Not knowing what else he could say. This day, has finally come. In the end he’ll still lose her.
At the side Wu Qing coldly watched the four people, for a moment puzzled.
Why did he ask her if she remembered everything? No, that wasn’t important to him. The most important is…
Blood dripped down his silver sword. A beautiful smile on Wu Qing’s demonic face, he lifted his sword to Xin Ci.
“Shen Xin Ci, your lover really couldn’t fight. This won’t do. Now it’s your turn, let’s have another fight, or you can come with me?”
Xin Ci turned her head, seeing the person she yearned for day and night, sadly, the Wu Qing right now was no longer the Wu Qing from before. The hatred in his eyes was so clear. She couldn’t find a single trace of feelings in his eyes.
Xin Ci’s voice was very soft, like a call, and like a whisper.
But Wu Qing hearing it was even more broken hearted.
“Calling that title from your mouth, it makes me feel dirty. Shen Xin Ci, do you want to re-enact the drama from back then? Sadly you no longer hold that value.”
Wu Qing’s cruel words shocked Xin Ci so she was speechless.
Yes, what right did he have to return to Wu Qing’s side. Even though she had amnesia these past four years, but unarguably it was true her and Wen Kai had a relationship. There was no point to explain anymore. Wen Kai was good to her, she knows. But she owed him this lifetime. Her heart could not hold anyone else apart from Wu Qing. But at the same time he knew better than anyone, if she didn’t go, again…she would not be able to go back.
Xin Ci gently placed Wen Kai down, standing up. Face without a trace of fear, but there was generous relieve.
“I’ll go with you.”

T/N: It looks like we’re back on track with the main characters….

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