"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 86 Flogging Punishment

Wu Qing stood up, with a cold expression he slowly approached Xin Ci’s side, slightly lifting the corner of his mouth, once again everyone did not find any hidden agendas at this time. He lifted his head to look at everyone, speaking clearly.
“Wu Qing is also responsible for the death of Castle Master Ouyang Jun. Disregarding the fact Ouyang died to save me, but it’s difficult to dismiss that I was the one who lead the wolf into the house leading him to save me. Everyone’s hate and resentment for my wife, Wu Qing also empathises. But Hidden Castle has always been widely known as loyal, righteous and passion. Since she is my wife then let me replace her to bear the flogging. Everyone please approve.”
Wu Qing looked at the crowd wordlessly. And everyone was shocked because of Wu Qing’s words. Ni a moment the hall fell into a deathly silence.
Xin Ci kneeling on the floor startled raised her head to look at the side of Wu Qing’s handsome face, but couldn’t see what his expression was.
Why would he say this? Doesn’t he really hate her? What is happening now? She won’t innocently think Wu Qing is doing this because he loves her, because he couldn’t feel any pity, the air of hostility was too thick from his body. Did she want to seek revenge? Fine, she owes him, still.
Xin Ci lowered her head not looking at anyone else again.
Fei Yan gripped both her hands tightly, her body was also shaking slightly.
What was happening?  Doesn’t he really hate her? He suddenly wanted to take her place in being whipped. Why? Could it be all these years of hatred was just a lie? Or did that woman Shen Xin Ci use some sort of bewitchment, or else why would Wu Qing’s line of sight constantly follow her since she appeared. No, she must kill this woman. She need to kill her.
Fei Yan rose to stand in front of Wu Qing, she raised her head slightly to gaze at his deep pair of eyes.
“Wu Qing, do you think it’s enough for you alone to endure whipping for my brother’s death? My brother used his life to save you, in the end your treating your body so cheaply like this? Is this worth the trouble…is it worth my brother…”
As Fei Yan spoke she couldn’t help but sob. Like raindrops on a pear blossom moving teardrops flowed down her beautiful face. He shoulders also trembled in combination.
Xin Ci hearing Fei Yan’s words in her ears, showed a slight smile of contempt.
She truly was a great actress, making everyone stop Wu Qing because of her words? Sadly she made error in her scheme. Wu Qing speaking like this must have thought of how to torture her. Even if the world objected, she believed Wu Qing will do what he wants to do.
Standing to the side Wu Qing narrowed his eyes looking at the crying Fei Yan, thinking about it in his mind.
Fei Yan had put on too much of a performance, to him it wasn’t much of a threat, he really wanted to see what else she could say.
Qing Long and Chi Hu looked at each other, stepping forward and saying.
“Castle Master, what Lady Fei Yan said isn’t wrong. We don’t think the wrong is on the Castle Master, there’s no need for the Castle Master to endure whipping.”
“That’s right, how could we hurt the Castle Master.”
With two great law enforcers support, the crowd also answered.
Fei Yan looked at the scene in front of her, her heart extremely pleased.

12 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 86 Flogging Punishment

  1. Personally,I want the end to be something like this: Xin Ci is confined to a single ell for maybe 6 months till someone notices that her body has rotted away..Wu Xing will then realize that she doesnt have the martial arts wen she died,so he looks for her cousin who then explains everything..but,he will not give him the kids!! When he returns,he understands that Fei Yan plotted everything and in a fit of rage,he rapes her and then leaves with the rotted corpse of Xin Ci..years later his kids meet him accidentally in a forest shack and he recognizes them..he goes to her grave and before killing himself(?) says Wife I am the baby’s father!!
    Damn that was graphic and tragic as hell!!
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    1. I don’t agree the part of raping Fei Yan bitc….
      It’s mean we give her what she want this long long time… she will be happy with the fact Wu Xing will rape her… she is crazy and heartless…
      And i still want Wu Xing is happy… he doesn’t deserve unhappiness because he didn’t do anything wrong
    2. Whether or not she dies under his hand or later on because she is weak and suffering… I would like to see the children grow up thinking they were the children of the deceased Wen Kai and Cin Xi, of course under the care of cousin (they would misunderstand either way how Xin Ci dies and put all the blame on Wu Qing anyway), and then going on a killing spree to revenge their parents’ death xD
      When Wu Qing meets his son, he will then notice the resemblance to himself and be enlighted, but then it would be too late and, a la Star Wars, he tells his son the truth and then going suicide to atone to Xin Ci xD I was always having Star Wars in my mind ever since I’ve read the title *LOL* And it would fit so perfectly!!! xD This story is based on misunderstandings and blame shifting, why not going with the theme until the end *hahaha
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  2. Xin ci is such a stupid woman.. She’s accused wrongly and just sitting still accepting everything.
    Whether Wuqing believes or not she shouldn’t let her self being killed without trying to defend at all. What kind of mother leaves her children just like that. A mother would fight hard for them but she was so selfish wanna be close to her husband for the last time just because she thinks there is someone who will take care of the kids. But the kids will lose their mother and will never know their father. She didn’t let the father know his child either, I can only call it selfishness.
    Her cousin also has good martial art, but she didn’t let him help her to defend her self. This way she only let the real killer free and let her self killed wordlessly.. What a stupid decision.
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      1. Yes… How can we expect others to respect, appreciate and love us, if we can’t respect, appreciate and love our self. Appreciation, Respect and Love is to be earned, not just given and taken for granted.
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      2. Well she might indeed not know who really killed the big brother, but she atleast know which person is mean enough there, and have the biggest motive to do it.
        The husband was unconscious and who could make him believe that she killed the castle master, there was no one else but that mean woman.
        How could she just accept like that to be wrongly accused and killed unfairly without even trying to tell the truth. She has nothing to lose anyway. Wu Qing just couldn’t hate her more just because hearing her story version. Especially if she’s not blind enough to oversee that Wu Qing doesn’t like that mean woman and doesn’t want her to interfere.
        You can succeed, or you can fail if you try. But at least one still has 50% chance to succeed. But if one never try at all, then the chance is just a big ZERO.
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