"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 19 Xin Ci Isn’t Dead

A full moon in the sky, the mountain was especially bleak.
Xin Ci gradually awoke at the foot of the mountain.
Opening her eyes, hazily she concentrated on the thing in front of her, it was so strange.
Feeling sad she blinked her eyes.
She had hoped very much it was a nightmare, she would wake up and still be by Wu Qing’s side.
Crying in sadness, Xin Ci struggled to stand up.
After a period of time harmonising her breathing, already using Wu Qing’s internal strength as her own, under the moonlight she calmly looked, entranced at her silvery white hair.
The backfire of internal strength, as well as the exceptionally stressed bloody battle. Her black hair transformed overnight to a full head of silver.
Was this sad? Was this painful?
Xin Ci could only think, Right now Wu Qing must be in much pain. Fei Yan would have framed her, putting whatever blame on her head. What would she say about her?
Would Wu Qing believe her?
Xin Ci quietly cried out her thoughts, but she couldn’t see him again.
Looking at the surrounding dense woods, she didn’t know what path she should take right now.
Slowly she looked to the direction of the castle, she needed a place to rest peacefully. Then she’ll sneakily return to the castle to see Wu Qing.
Under the moonlight, the strands of white hair stood out against her extraordinarily calm personality. But that haggard appearance, would exceptionally grip the heart of whoever saw it.
After walking for four hours, the tired Xin ci finally found a small hut.
She gently knocked on the wooden door.
“Is there anyone here?”
Calling out for a long time there was still no answer, Xin ci pushed the door and entered. A burst of dust welcomed her hitting her in the face.
Xin Ci couldn’t help covering her face, lightly coughing. The hut looked like it had long been uninhabited.
The wooden table and bed in the hut was covered in thick dust.
Gently sighing, Xin Ci was already very satisfied, at least this hut can shelter her from wind and rain. She’ll plan everything when she gets herself better.
Piling straws from the corner of the house on to the wooden board, she sat in the lotus position and harmonised her breathing.
Late at night, a man dressed in black rotated a few times, appearing in the Bi Hai Pavilion.
“Lady, I could not find Shen Xin Ci’s corpse at the foot of the mountain.”
Fei Yan’s eyes glowed brightly in the dark night.
“Well, even if she survived, I will make Wu Qing kill her. That is what you deserve.”
Having spoken she gave the man dress in black a bag of gold.
The man in black measured it twice in the end, smiling from ear to ear.
“Thank you Lady Fei Yan.”
“Fine, you can go, do not let anyone know about this.”
Having spoken the man in black flew out of the hidden castle.
Fei Yan watching the departing back laughed exceptionally charmingly.
“Only the dead can really keep their mouth shut.”
That bag of gold had long been soaked in extreme poison, not long after he leaves he’ll die from poisoning.
“Shen Xin Ci, I would like to see how long your life will last.”


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