"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 26 Uncle Fu

After a few days, bypassing a lot of mountain peaks, and through dense forests. Mu Nian Qing and Xin Ci finally reached You Ming Valley.
On the way Xin Ci didn’t really speak much, she wasn’t angry, she also wasn’t resentful.
She was only missing Wu Qing a lot, is he doing well?
Fei Yan elaborately calculated this to make her leave Wu Qing, she must really love him.
Mu Nian Qing saw how sad she felt. He didn’t open his mouth to say anything. He, had his own plans.
It was the first time Xin Ci visited You Ming Valley, she could not help but tremor by its majestic grandeur.
On the two high pillars next to the entrance gold carvings of dragons looked forward. And winding snakes climbed up. The East Sea imperial pearl in the dragon’s mouth was even more distinctly magnificent.
All of the perimeter walls were of red walls and green tiles. With one glance it was impossible to completely see the boundary.
Only ten people were guarding both sides of the entrance, all wore a body of black, similar to knights of the underworld, each one emitting aura telling others not to near.
Once they saw Mu Nian Qing’s silhouette they put down their sword and kneeled on a single knee.
“Welcome Castle Master.”
“Open the entrance.”
Hearing Mu Nian Qing’s words, everyone agilely stood up and opened the entrance.
Mu Nian Qing urged his horse on into the castle, Xin Ci followed closely behind.
Two people, two horses, travelled through in the enormous You Ming Castle. Through rockery, through ponds, the landscape along the road was more beautiful than can be imagined. But the two people were in no mood to enjoy it.
“Castle Master, you’re finally back, are you injured?”
The old man spoke as he walked around Mu Nian Qing, sizing him up with attention. Afraid to leave out by mistake the tiniest traces.
Xin Ci had seen this person, but she couldn’t quite remember it, She quietly stood to the side without speaking.
Mu Nian Qing warmly smiled, pulling the old man.
“Uncle Fu, I’m fine. Where is there anyone who would hurt me now.”
“I’ve said this many times, there will always be a higher mountain.[1] In the Jianghu you can’t be arrogant and you can’t be egotistical.”
“Yes, Nian Qing knows.”
Mu Nian Qing did not retaliate, he only warmly smiled.
Uncle Fu was the chief manager of the castle, but he was sixty years of age, so he let his son succeed his position, helping Mu Nian Qing manage the large and small affairs in the castle.
Uncle Fu free from his responsibilities, not being the chief manager he began to meticulously to take care of Mu Nian Qing. He saw Mu Nian Qing grow up, the care and concern he had towards him was greater than his own son.
Since the previous Castle Master had passed away, when Mu Nian Qing succeeded him he was alarmed, he worried that every time he left he’d get injured or never return. After so many years of self-discipline, right now Mu Nian Qing’s martial arts was already of the highest levels in the martial arts circles. There were only one or two who could hurt him.
Although Mu Nian Qing was the Castle Master, he was generous, gentle. He was an even more behaved like a child in front of Uncle Fu. Whatever Uncle Fu said he would listen, never half-heartedly.

[1] Meaning there will always be someone better/ more powerful.

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  1. So far I keep getting the feeling of the series the bride with white hair, not exactly the same plot line only thing similar was that male lead & female lead had misunderstanding, female lead’s hair turned white overnight, and that it was based in jianghu/wuxia theme. The ending was tragic in that series, hopefully this one’s has a better ending then the leads commiting lover’s suicide together.