"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 31 Wen Kai

“Then Uncle Fu please take me to bring some medical books back, is that okay?”
That…Uncle Fu hearing those words revealed a difficult expression.
“Uncle Fu. Is that inappropriate?”
“It’s not inappropriate, it’s because Doctor Wen is a strange person. He doesn’t like people entering his courtyard, his temperament is even more strange. But his medical skills are great, the rumour is as long as there is still air he can rescue them, only if he is willing or not to save them.”
Hearing this Xin Ci was interested.
“Then Uncle Fu take me there and I’ll enter myself. I only want to see.”
Uncle Fu immediately opened his mouth with anxiety.
“Lady cousin wait for me, I’ll go ask.”
Xin Ci stepped up stopping Uncle Fu as he turned to leave.
She knew what Uncle Fu was worried about, her appearance would definitely make others look at her strangely, even perhaps they would be scared by her like Ying Xue. But she did not care.
“Uncle Fu, I’ll come with you.”
Uncle Fu looking at Xin Ci’s natural face, subconsciously nodded his head. When he returned from his daze, he then discovered what he had replied to Lady cousin.
“Then please follow me Lady cousin.”
Uncle Fu led the way having been, next time he definitely cannot look at Lady Cousin, otherwise he won’t know what he’ll agree to. Uncle Fu led Xin Ci onto a small pathway, avoiding contact with people from the castle.
Xin Ci followed behind Uncle Fu, her heart filled with delight.
After passing by several courtyards Uncle Fu stopped outside a plain courtyard.
“Fang Cao House?”
Xin Ci seeing the abnormally simple courtyard lightly whispered.
Fang Cao House appearance looked like that of a peasant family’s courtyard, on the edge of the courtyard there was a row of high bamboo fence, exotic flowers and rare herbs also filled the courtyard. Only the house had a graceful roof.
“Doctor Wen, this old man has come to see you.”
Xin Ci silently watched the door to the house. She only saw a person wearing white slowly walk out, his handsome appearance exposed under the sunlight made it so people could not look away, in addition the gentle smile on his face, made you feel very comfortable.
This is Doctor Wen?
Wen Kai hearing the voice knew it was Uncle Fu, but he didn’t think beside Uncle FU would be a girl dressed in white with white hair.
He walked in front of Uncle Fu, lightly opening his mouth to ask.
“Uncle FU, did you come today because of this lady’s injuries?”
Wen Kai did not believe anyone was born with white hair, she must have suffered injuries or provocation.
Xin Ci smiled at Uncle Fu, she went ahead and answered Wen Kai.
“Xin Ci is please to meet Doctor Wen, this time I really haven’t come because of my injuries. I want to learn medical skills from Doctor Wen, that’s why I forced Uncle Fu to bring me here.”
Learn medical skills? Wen Kai kept smiling.
“Lady Xin Ci, forgive me but I cannot agree. Wen Kai has no intention to accept disciples, please go back Lady Xin Ci.”
Wen Kai finished speaking and turned to Uncle Fu.
“Uncle Fu, Wen Kai has still got things to do, I’ll leave now.”
Having spoken he turned and walked towards the house.
“Wait, Doctor Wen.”
Wen Kai stopped but did not turn back.
“Please Doctor Wu treat my illness.”
Xin Ci didn’t have too much misgivings, she only knows she wants to study medicine. She would definitely study hard, but before that she must let Wen Kai agree to keep her here.
Wen Kai turned his head to look at Xin Ci.
“Follow me.”
Xin ci was so happy she wanted to smile, but she only slightly lifted the corner of her mouth. She turned to look at Uncle Fu.
“Uncle Fu, you can leave first and be busy, I will return by myself.”
Having spoken she followed Wen Kai and entered the house.
Uncle Fu sighed, shook his head and turned away.