"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 20 Longing

Inside the study, Wu Qing wearing a body of black was managing the castle’s account.
Fei Yan carrying tea slowly entered.
“Wu Qing, drink some tea and take a break.”
Wu Qing took the tea placed on the table.
“How is your injury?”
“It’s already fine. Wu Qin, you’re not ordering a hit on Shen Xin Ci?”
Wu Qing hand froze.
Fei Yan seeing Wu Qing’s expression, secretly supressed her anger.
“Wu Qing, this time she was unsuccessful in killing you, there will be another time. Your martial arts can’t compare to before, if she wanted to kill you it’d be as easy as a hand’s turn.”
Wu Qing didn’t speak, he understood his heart more than anyone, if Xin Ci really did accept his internal strength, he would resist less than twenty hits before he would be defeated, the beautiful memories of the past were in the end merely deceit, was it only for revenge? Why would his heart feel even more painful.
“You can leave first.”
Fei Yan turned and left, her hands clenched tight.
Wu Qing stood and walked to the window, he looked at the courtyard outside.
In there it felt like there was still Xin Ci’s figure as she practiced, and her gentle voice.
The corner of his mouth rose in a bitter smile.
The hatred for the one who killed your father really could not be forgotten. Shen Xin Ci, you hid it so well.
Front hall. Fei Yan sat at the front, below her sat Qing Long and Chi Hu.
“The reason I sought you out this time is because I hope you can always protect Wu Qing, Shen Xin Ci’s last assassination, killed my brother. She escaped heavily wounded, when she has healed she will definitely come back to harm Wu Qing. If you see her again you must kill her, no pity.”
Qing Long and Chi Hu stood up.
“Lady, don’t worry. We pledge our lives to protect the Castle Master’s safety.”
Fe Yan stood up, moved.
“Then, thank you for your trouble. Brother was killed in that way, I was also hit by her, the wish to take revenge but the will is there, but not he strength.”
“Lady Fei Yan do not be so depressed. We are also very sad about the previous Castle Master’s death, Shen Xin Ci killed the previous Castle Master so she’s the enemy of all those in the hidden castle, we will definitely kill her to avenge the previous Castle Master.”
Watching Qing Long and Chi Hu leave, Fei Yan let revealed a sinister smile. Shen Xin Ci, even if you make it back alive, I will make it so you can’t leave the castle with your life.
In a small hut far from the hidden castle.
Xin Ci’s wounds had already mostly healed. Her strength had also almost fully recovered.
Stroking her silver hair, Xin Ci was in slight pain.
Husband, looking like I am now, do you still want me?
Xin Ci was always very puzzled, her own appearance was not a tenth of Wu Qings. Why did he treat her so well. Once she thought Wu Qing married her just to torture her, but he didn’t. Instead he treated her gently. He even took her place with Fei Yan’s dagger.
Right now she was Wu Qing’s wife in truth, no matter what happens, she needed to return to Wu Qing’s side.
Making her decision, Xin Ci took out a piece of cloth and wrapped her hair in it.
Tonight, she must go back.
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