"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 95 What Happened

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Ouyang Shao Kun make Xi Ci sit in the hall, he entered a room himself and brought out something. He sat opposite of Xin Ci, opening his mouth to say.
“Child, I hope you pay no mind to Wu Qing’s words. Right now somethings already taken over him, at times when speaks he doesn’t mean it.”
Xin Ci wide eyed looked at Uncle Kun in shock.
“Uncle Kun, you say Wu Qing he…somethings taken over him? Why…is he like this?”
Xin Ci’s voice slightly trembled, her heart was even more confused.
Somethings taken over him, was a taboo amongst martial artists, once they’ve been taken over their martial art skills would greatly increase, but at the same time the person’s body would be teared apart until practically nothing is left, eve his mind will be controlled by the power. At that time there would be no one in his memory, and there wouldn’t be her.
Lifting her hand to grasp Uncle Kun’s hand, Xin Ci eyes flashing with intensity.
“Uncle Kun, please save husband. Only you can save him, Xin Ci is willing to work like a horse for my entire life. To repay your kindness.”
Ouyang Shao Kun place his hand on top of Xin Ci’s hand.
“Child, what are you saying. I will definitely save Wu Qing. Don’t say that sort of thing. I only hope you will remain by Wu Qing’s side.”
Xin Ci lowered her head, drops of crystal tears fall from the corners of her eyes.
“Husband hates me, with me by his side it would only make his hatred even deeper.”
Ouyang Shao Kun hearing her sighed deeply.
“You’re not to blame for Ouyang Jun’s death, about this matter I will stand on your side, I don’t believe Jun was killed by you. But child, you also have to tell me, what Wu Qing meant about you having children with someone else?”
Xin Ci hearing the words was stunned. She nodded her head slightly.
“The children belong to Wu Qing, not Wen Kai. But, it’s true Wen Kai and I had an intimate relationship.”
As Xin Ci spoke, tears did not stop the impression instead was even more presumptuous. At that time, her mood could not be made clear, she never thought there would still be someone in the Hidden Castle who believed her, yet right now there was this old man in front of her. But how could she speak about the matter with Wen Kai. Amnesia, such an ornate excuse. Yes, even she thought this was an excuse. Looking at Uncle Kun in front of her, Xin Ci told him a simple version of what happened.
At noon, the sun shone brightly at the house, making it exceptionally warm, a breeze blew through, it didn’t make people feel hot and stuffy.
Inside the house, Ouyang Shao Kun observed Xin Ci, slightly raising his eyebrow, his hand nonstop stroking his beard.
Surviving from metrorrhagia was already extremely fortunate, it seems like that young man called Wen Kai has exquisite medical expertise. To go so far as to get amnesia, it might be because of excessive daily longing, under the circumstance that she didn’t think she couldn’t save herself, instead she forgot the person and matters she worried about the most. This was a common occurrence, not at all surprising.
“I understand everything, don’t worry. Uncle Kun will always support you, right now return to Ling Yun Pavilion, guard Wu Qing well. Prepare some plain dishes for him, I’ll go over later.”
Xi ci stood up, bowing slightly.
“Xin Ci will go back first.”
Having spoken she turned wanting to leave.
Ouyang Shao Kun watched Xin Ci’s back, lightly shaking his head as he turned to enter his bedroom.
Feelings and words maybe truly cannot obtain everyone’s love, feelings had already lost its powers.

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