"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 39 Wu Qing’s Child

Entering Lan Yun Pavilion’s courtyard, not a single person could be seen. Wen Kai angrily rushed into the house, he was shocked by the scene he saw.
With no time to think, he raised his palm pushing Xin Ci away.
“What are you doing?”
Hearing Wen Kai’s shout, Xin Ci only then noticed him.
“Why did you come?”
Xin Ci’s voice was slightly hoarse, her complexion was also slightly green.
Wen Kai was unable to pay attention to much, he directly caught her wrist with his hand. Her green complexion was appalling. Pushing away her hand he shouted.
“You don’t want to live, your actually transferring poison, your body as well as the child you’re pregnant with in your stomach takes a lot of energy, yet you’re actually stupid enough to transfer poison to your own body.”
Hearing him Xin Ci frozen on the spot could not regain her senses.
Child? Inside her stomach was Wu Qing’s child?
After finding out, her hand lightly rested on her lower abdomen. Her face even revealed a slight smile.
Wen Kai seeing this, erupted in anger.
“You can still smile right now, the toxic will soon spread very quickly through your body. You and your child can wait to die.”
Wen Kai’s cold words woke Xin Ci up, how could she forget, she was helping Ying Xue.
But right now she had Wu Qing’s child, would such a small life have to pass away with her? She thought carefully, she really wanted this child.
“Doctor Wen, can you treat this poison?”
Wen Kai coldly turned his head, not looking at her.
“Now you think to ask me, isn’t it too late.”
Xin Ci guiltily lowered her head, quietly speaking.
“If I took Ying Xue to you, would you save her?”
“No, she isn’t worth it.”
When Wen Kai had taken her pulse just now he had discover, she was poisoned with “shi xin”powdered medicine.[1] The antidote isn’t hard to prepare, but it used rare medicinal herbs, he would never waste such high quality ingredients on a servant.
This being the case, then what was wrong with what Xin Ci did. Her status even if it’s more humble is still a life. And I could not watch her die from poisoning. No less because of me.”
Xin Ci lowered her head in sadness.
She couldn’t endure it, someone dying because of her.
Wen Kai looked at Xin Ci, on her greenish face was resolute unable to be swayed.
With a headache he rubbed his forehead. Using force, he pulled Xin Ci up taking her hand and walking out of the house, heading to Fang Cao House, not caring at all about Ying Xue who had fainted in the bathtub.
“Doctor Wen.”
Xin Ci looked upwards at Wen Kai’s back, her feet also accelerated its pace.
“Shut up, if you say one more world then you afterwards you won’t have to open your mouth again.”
Xin Ci hearing the command didn’t speak a single word again.
She remembered Uncle Fu had said, he could save those even with only a trace of breath. Then does that mean her and her child will live? When she hadn’t known she was pregnant, death to Xin ci didn’t mean anything. But now she had Wu Qing’s child, she wanted to live, she wanted to see her child grow up.
Wen Kai kicked Fang Cao House door open with a kick, he took a small bag from the table, and dragged Xin ci into the bedroom, dropping her on the bed, letting down the muslin curtain.
“Take off your clothes.”
Xin Ci’s body was stunned because of the drop just now, hearing Wen Kai’s words she was even more unable to produce a response.
“I said take off your clothes. Quickly. Or else I will go help you take them off.”
Xin Ci hurriedly sat up.
“No need, I’ll do it myself.”
Hands trembling, she took of each layer one by one.

[1] Literal translation “Break the heart”.

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