"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 64 Wen Kai is Husband

Ming Zhu turned around to look at the two maids beside him, gently speaking.
“Let us go back.”
The two maids did not dare to speak, Ming Zhu deeply glanced at the two figures, turning to leave.
It took a very long time for Xin Ci to accept the children, Ming Zhu often brought the children to see Xin Ci, chatting with her. Gradually Xin Ci’s temperament was as noisy as Ming Zhu’s, she loved to laugh.
One day, Ming Zhu told Xin Ci they were her children. Xin Ci stared at Ming Zhu in shock, asking.
“Don’t you have to marry in order to have babies? Could it be I’ve married?”
Ming Zhu laughed as she looked at her, she had long decided in her mind how to reply to Xin Ci.
“Of course you’re married.”
“Then who is my husband?”
Xin Ci seeing Ming Zhu’s expression with an evil smile she felt she might be a bit deceived.
“Why your husband is Wen Kai.”
Ming Zhu finished speaking, she nearly laughed slightly, Wen Kai likes Xin Ci so much, let’s satisfy him. Haha, she wonders how Wen Kai would thank her.
Xin Ci stared blankly, basically she had no time to pay attention to Ming Zhu’s expression.
She knew she had amnesia, everything before was just blank to her. She was already very reluctant to admit she was the mother of two children. But now she was also told, her husband is Wen Kai? She really like Wen Kai, without him accompanying her every day she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Wen Kai treated her very well, very attentively, he spent every day with her…although a lot of the time it was her pestering him, but Wen Kai had never gotten angry at her, he was always so gently. But…
“Cousin-in-law, for so long why hasn’t Wen Kai himself said to me he is my husband?”
Compared to accepting the children, it was easier for her to accept that Wen Kai was her husband.
Hearing Xin Ci’s question, Ming Zhu hummed and hawed not knowing how to reply.
Wen Kai really, is such an idiot. He didn’t know how to lie? This…he wasn’t to be blame either, I’ll have to help him. Hey. How could I talk about it now?
“That is…Wen Kia…he must be afraid you wouldn’t be able to accept it, that’s why he hasn’t told you.”
It’s like that…Xin Ci considered there was some truth behind Ming Zhu’s words.
At that moment Wen Kai pushed open the door and entered, Ming Zhu stood up pandering, her face undulated with the smile of a dead person.
“Wen Kai, I already told Xin Ci you’re her husband. You too, how could you not tell Xin Ci for so long.”
Although Ming Zhu’s words held a bit of criticism, but Wen Kai already saw her sinister smile.
Tightly locking his eyebrows, Wen Kai lightly spoke to Ming Zhu.
“Follow me outside.”
He turned around and left the room. Ming Zhu stood shrugging her shoulders like it was funny as she looked at Xin Ci.
“Xin Ci go play with the children. I’ll go out first to see what’s wrong.”
Xin Ci nodded her head focused on their leaving backs, if she wasn’t mistaken just now, Wen Kai seemed to be angry. The first time she saw his eyebrows tightly knotted together.


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