"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 89 Unconscious

“I only want to see how injured is my husband, why have you blocked me time and time again.”
Xin Ci was worried about Wu Qing’s wounds, the indifferent her also has moments of explosion.
That person was not worn down at all because of Xin Ci’s words, instead he coldly watched her.
“Right now Castle Master is seriously injured because of you, do you still want us to give you the opportunity to kill the Castle Master?”
At that person’s words Xin Ci’s entire imposing manner dispersed. She stood in a daze on the spot unable to move.
Yes, she is the murderer that killed Nangong Wu Qing, everyone in the castle thought so, right now Wu Qing suffered a whipping to `protect` her. Everyone in the castle must really hate her. But, she was really worried about Wu Qing’s wound, no matter what, she was his wife. And she had learned basic medical skills from Wen Kai, she will look after him, treat him.
“I am his wife, he’s hurt like this how can I leave. Please can you let me pass? I guarantee I won’t hurt my husband, you can watch at the side.”
That person seeing Xin Ci’s sincere expression, unexpectedly he was incapable of speaking opposing words.
“Shen Xin ic, you still want us to believe in your words?”
Three people turned their heads, looking at Fei Yan who had entered from the door. A coquettish complexion, as well as a moving beauty, at this moment even her proud and aloof expression set off her beauty and allure in this way.
The two guards promptly cupped one fist in the other in greeting on seeing Fei Yan.
“Second Lady.”
Fei Yan with a light grace passed Xin Ci and the guards, without consulting anyone she walked in front of the window, sitting by it watching Wu Qing.
“You two throw her into the woodshed. Don’t ask about anything else.”
Xin Ci looked at Fei Yan, angrily raising her hands.
Everything that had happened was because of her, Wu Qing was like this because of her selfishness. Why must she bear the burden of her wrongdoings.
With great difficulty she kept her anger under control, Xin Ci knew she could not simply just speak out about everything it would just bring about her own destruction. Wu Qing was unconscious, Fei Yan wanted to eliminate her with no effort at all.
Fei Yan saw the guards standing on the spot without moving, she growled out.
“Did you not hear me? Throw her into the woodshed.”
The guards looked at each other, one of them took the step to say.
“Lady Fei Yan, the Castle Master said he wanted this woman to look after him. We cannot touch a thread, a hair on her just because he’s unconscious.”
Hearing him Fei Yan, the anger in her chest erupted. Turning her head to look at Wu Qing, there were no tender sentiments in her eyes, rather anger.
Even though he was currently unconscious he’s still protecting her. Fine, I want to see if you can really protect her.
Standing up, Fei Yan looked at the two people.
“Right now the Castle Master is unconscious, you know this girl previously wanted to hurt the Castle Master, let her stay here, can you guarantee she won’t harm Wu Qing? If anything unexpectedly happens to Wu Qing, think about it can you take the responsibility.”
The two people lowered their heads not daring to speak.
Xin Ci looked at Fei Yan, back to the guards. She sighed light, saying.
“Lady Fei Yan don’t make things difficult for them, I will leave myself.”