"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 29

“Overworked.” Han Yi Fan released Wang Yun Feng’s wrist, saying with rather great pity, “Last year he had an ineradicable disease, always taking care of his health appropriately so that it would stay hidden and not act up. These days it has been tiringly #for him constantly on the move, extremely anxious, after his mind was at ease his body automatically began to recuperate, rest for a few days, and drink a few decoctions he’ll be fine.” He again looked at Xia Ling Mei again with lingering fear, “Just now seeing your panicked expression, I thought Xia Fen had met with a huge calamity and his life was hanging by a thread, but as it turns out it’s because of this heartless rat.”

Xia Ling Mei glanced at Han Yi Fan with annoyance: “Even if he’s heartless he’s still the one who has my heart, it has nothing to do with outsiders.” She stepped forward placing Wang Yun Feng’s wrist under the quilt, her manner and appearance not at all unhappy, it actually made Han Yi Fan choke up at a loss of words.

Quite a while later: “Good, well, one of you likes to abuse and the other is willing to suffer, I have acted badly on my presumptions” `shua, shua, shua` he wrote several prescriptions to give to Ying Shi, he couldn’t help harping on: “Who said spilt water is difficult to retrieve, this son of the Wang family let alone water, I reckon he even retrieved the water basin.”

Yin Shi craned her head looking at the shadow of the busy Xia Ling Mei behind the screen, she twitched her mouth at Han Yi Fan: “We maids cannot take care of these things, it’s enough if the young lady is happy.”

Han Yi Fan laughed as he shook his head, saying to Xia Ling Mei: “In two days’ time it’ll be the Dragon Boat Festival, I’m going to hurry back to Beiding City, I’ll pass through here first. 
Lady Xia is there anything you want me to help you bring back to the Xia family?”

Xia Ling Mei stopped and considered it for a bit: “Then, please trouble Hero Han to make a trip to the Xia family, tell them us mother and son are well.”

Han Yi Fan asked: “When are you returning home?”

“For now I won’t return yet.” Right now she was being hunted by someone, if she returned to Beiding City, the journey would very unsafe. Rather than hurrying back to look for protection, it would be better for her to think of a way to deal with the Gu family herself before safely returning home, and would help the Xia family resolve an old issue. Also, Wang Yun Feng would not leave the courts without good cause. Acting as imperial censor these past years, unconcerned and regardless he had swept the hindrance of the previous dynasty away on behalf of the emperor, offending a lot of influential officials, the emperor sent him away, on one hand it should be because he doesn’t want him to be attacked on all sides until death puts his life to an end, on the other hand naturally it was for an even bigger purpose. Wang Yun Feng was the lecherous emperor’s eagle claw, releasing him would only allow him to catch even larger prey. Xia Ling Mei had thought of this point long ago.

Before when the two were opposing each other with equal harshness she still never left, it was because of his security consideration. Now their thoughts were mutual, naturally she was even more worried for his safety, increasingly unwilling leave him alone.

Han Yi Fan did not ask anymore, Ying Shi at the side had already taken the prescription and was looking at it carefully, moving closer to ask about what to do after it is boiled, without demur she strongly invited Han Yi Fan to leave, coming back to close the room door tightly, completely like she was protecting her mistress, making Han Yi Fan actually not know whether to laugh or cry, only thinking that what type of mistress will have what type of servant.

After these people had just left, again over there one adult and one young came tiptoeing over, leaning against the window, heads sticking together wanting to spy on the scene inside.

The young however fought over it, he couldn’t help pinch the other person’s arm: “Do you not know to respect the old and cherish the young?”

The adult was also uncompromising, smiling mischievously: “Then do you understand Kong 
Rong giving up pears[1]?”
“Pears are to be given to the younger. You’re an adult.” Pushing and forcing the other aside.

“Ai, ai, you need to respect your elder.” Uncompromising.

The two people stared at each other, the adult could not help but say: “The two of them inside must be doing things as husband and wife, if a baby like you sees you’ll get sty.”
The young blinked, kneading his nose and asking: “What is things as husband and wife?”

“That is bridal room.”

“What is bridal room?”

“Sexual intercourse.”

“I don’t understand.”

“That’s why I say you’re stupid, even if you see anything you wouldn’t know what it means. Quickly step aside, wait until I’ve had a look and I’ll tell you.”

The young rumbled and grumbled: “After they do the thing between husband and wife, will I have a younger brother?”

The adult snorted, considerably annoyed asking: “It doesn’t have to be Lord Wang who can have a little brother with your mother, I can have one with your mother. Maybe, a little sister can be born, then a little brother, then a younger sister and brother…”

The young looked down at him: “Do you see my mother as a sea turtle, when she gives birth she has a brood.”

This rotten child, what sort of analogy is that, comparing his mother to a sea turtle? If there really is a turtle, then that’s Lord Wang being cuckold.

The two of them ceaselessly argued, Xia Ling Mei was already very angry inside having heard, pushing open the window, overlooking the two of them in distain who refused to face the reality, to the adult she only said: “Zhuang Sheng, do you believe I will make it so you will never be able to have children?”

Zhuang Sheng chuckled a little: “I’m a man, how can I give birth, you would be the one to give birth…ah, spare me the whip…” He ran off.

The younger merely climbed above onto the window frame, clutching Xia Ling Mei’s sleeve: “Mother, I don’t want a brood of younger brothers and sisters.” Pouting, “I also don’t want Zhuang Sun Zi giving birth to my younger brothers and sisters.”

Her anger soared, that scoundrel bastard, corrupting her son randomly, see if she won’t beat that bastard next time.

Xia Ling Mei single-handedly grabbed Xia Fen’s shoulder: “Come in.”
The two moved closer to the bedside of the sleeping Wang Yun Feng, Xia Ling Mei pulled on Xia Fen’s hand, quietly saying: “Afterwards, you have to call him adoptive father.”

Xia Fen stared: “I don’t have a father.”

“Fen Er!”

Xia Fen said extremely angrily: “Mother said before, I’m a child who had come floating from the sea, I was born from a whale. I don’t have a father.”

Xia Ling Mei tightly smiled until her anger faded: “That was to scare and mess with you, of course it’s not real. If you were born from a whale, then I’m not your mother either.”

Xia Fen shook his head with all his strength: “I was born from mother and a whale.”

Xia Ling Mei showed an angry countenance: “Don’t cause trouble, you know he is your father. If you were born from a whale, why did you cry and cause a fuss wanting a portrait of your daddy when you were younger.”

Truthfully, Xia Fen really didn’t know he had a daddy, from young he knew Xia Ling Mei was his mother. Coincidentally, he grew up on warships, apart from men on the ships there were men, Xia Ling Mei was the only woman, contrary to expectations she was a woman who was even more fiercely barbaric and violent in action compare to true men, and this woman was his mother. The baby thought highly of himself in his mind, feeling as the child of the only woman, he ought to be the most special, a person most favoured by nature. Even before he could stably walk at the age of one he could jump, when he was two while the soldiers climbed the mast he was suspended on a rope flying across the sail, when he was around three, with the sun high in the sky and wonderful weather, carrying his own small belly, swinging his own little elephant,[2] strutting around with the sailors swimming in the sea; when he was older than four he could already soundlessly throw out concealed knifes from the embrace of Wu Sheng; at five he put on an act sprawling on the maritime map drawing the naval territory of the Dayan.

These are still not worthy of praise, his greatest skill was using his little elephant as fish bait, going to fish in the sea. Of course, sometimes he himself was a fat and big fish bait.
The strangest thing was, sometimes working together they would net a whale and when pulled up there would still be little fishes inside. Xia Fen compared his height and appearance with the small fishes, crying loudly he ran to find Xia Ling Mei, saying no wonder he doesn’t have a father, because he was completely different from young whales, that’s why he was abandoned by his father. After that, Xia Ling Mei then told him he had a father, his father’s appearance was not that much different from the men on the ships. Xia Fen did not believe it at all, bent on wanting to go into the sea to find his father, Xia Ling Mei could not do anything, she also was not willing to find a random person to be his daddy, thus, she could only ask someone from the Xia family to get someone to do a portrait of Wang Yun Feng and send it over, giving it to Xia Fen. Xia Fen naturally carried it with him every day without letting go, after that, General Xia seeing how much the child loved it, besides the portrait he drew a small leopard, from then on that portrait never left Xia Fen’s side.

Because of this, Xia Fen was mocked by the Dayan sailors for several years.

Xia Fen was young, he couldn’t remember a lot of things, he only anxiously felt his mother seems to see his father as more significant than himself, his territory was being threatened. He wanted to tell his mother not to have adoptive father, but his heart hated to do so. Xia Ling Mei kept her words, Xia Fen did not dare to cause too much trouble, he kept his mouth shut like a mussel not opening his mouth no matter what, staring resolutely with both eyes at the sleeping Wang Yun Feng, moving apart his two short legs with a few jumps he ran out.

He went to find Zhuang Sun Zi to make a plan.

Only when the sun set in the west did Wang Yun Feng finally wake up, when he opened his eyes, his brain was a lump of paste, he simply did not know where he was.
Just as a hand was pulling away his collar with a towel, helping him wipe his neck. The other person’s hair was quite firm, moving on his skin stabbing.

He grabbed that hand, he called out with a hoarse voice: “Ling Mei.”

A flash of surprise passed Xia Ling Mei’s eyes, she smiled saying: “You’re awake.” Wanting to retract her hand, the other person stubbornly held on, Xia Ling Mei was unable to, asking him: “Are you uncomfortable somewhere? Are you hungry? Since you’re awake take a bath yourself, rubbing you down with a wet towel won’t clean you.”

Wang Yun Feng had hurried on his way, after he had found her covered in dust, without taking a bath he had collapsed. When Xia Ling Mei saw him sweat a lot while sleeping, she then wrung a towel out wanting to give him a simple clean, still sleeping very well and steady. How was she supposed to know, half way through he would wake up.

Ying Shi who was outside waiting to serve heard a voice, cocking her head she peeked in then left again, not long after she would personally brew a warm bowl of medicine and come in, behind her two bulky servants followed carrying a bath tub and things to wash.

Wang Yun Feng completely lacked strength, not knowing whether he was tired or hungry, seeing the medicine he didn’t say anything and drank it clean himself. Xia Ling Mei supported him from behind, seeing him muddleheaded, afraid that in a little while he also would be unable to take a bath himself, she could only ask someone to deliver dinner. Once he had simply made himself presentable, switching to the couch by the window, preparing to dine together.

Xia Fen smelt the fragrance, like an old hand who knows the ropes he rushed in, seeing Wang Yun Feng half leaning against the couch he pouted, calling to Xia Ling Mei “Adoptive mother” After, he tightly shut his mouth.

Wang Yun Feng without intention lifted his head glancing at him, Xia Fen returned his look like a small beast with its fur on ends: “Invalid.”

The medicine on the wound on Wang Yun Feng’s neck from being bitten had still not been changed, he only coldly said: “Sit down and eat.” There was no anger in his words, in his mind he had already solemnly considered the other person as his own son, displaying the awe-aspiring manner of a father.

Xia Fen paused, feeling this soft octopus like man was even more terrifying than General Xia by a bit, he was unsettled, Xia Ling Mei had already placed a bowl of chicken butt on top of the table.

Fine, Xia Fen will shut up.

[1] Kong Rong giving up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong picking up smaller pears while leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, still used nowadays to educate the young on courtesy and modesty.
[2] Private part.

T/N: The corruption of Xia Fen is so cute but then again XF is cute anyway especially the bit about his ⊂^j^⊃ haha