"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 27 Lan Yun Pavilion

Uncle Fu seeing Mu Nian Qing’s well behaved appearance laughed benevolently.
“You ah. Ai.”
“This is…”
After putting his mind at ease Uncle Fu then just noticed Xin Ci who had been quiet all this time, he softly opened his mouth and asked.
“Uncle Fu, you don’t remember Xin Ci? She is my auntie’s child, we saw her when we went to auntie’s house when I was a child.”
“Ah…I remember…it’s Lady cousin. Long-time no see, Lady cousin has already grown so much, ever more delicate and pretty.”
Xin Ci softly laughed.
“Uncle Fu you over-praise me.”
Uncle FU seeing Xin Ci was utterly overjoyed, thinking Castle Master was already at a marriageable age, he had heard this time he had left the castle because of Lady cousin. So this was very good. Haha.
Xin Ci seeing Uncle Fu brilliant laughing face felt even more familiar with him, she also laughed with him.
Mu Nian Qing attention was always on Xin Ci, seeing her laugh he was a little bit relieved.
“Uncle Fu, from today onwards Xin Ci will live here, please pay a lot of attention to her diet and everyday life.”
The smile on Uncle Fu’s face blossomed, he also had such ideas, he must help the Castle Master bind this red thread.[1]
“The closest to the Castle Master’s Jing Ting Pavilion is Lan Yun Pavilion, Lady cousin should live there. It’s close enough for it to be convenient to look after you.”
“Uncle Fu you can arrange it, I still have things to do, Uncle Fu you take Xin Ci there to rest.”
After speaking he faced Xin Ci.
The latter responded with a gentle smile.
“Cousin go about your business, I will look after myself.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded, with confidence and ease he turned and left.
“Lady cousin, I’ll take you to Lan Yun Pavilion.”
Xin Ci nodded her head slightly.
“Thank you for your trouble Uncle Fu.”
Uncle FU turned and headed towards Lan Yun Pavilion, Xin Ci slowly followed.
This Lady cousin, grew up delicately, well worth a second look. Graceful manners and temperament. Even though she spoke little, but she shouldn’t be a squeamish mistress. The Castle Master lacked a wife like her by his side.
While Uncle Fu was lost in his own imagination, walking aimlessly, as if he could see Xin Ci and Mu Nian Qing happy interdependent silhouette.
Xin Ci saw the smile on Uncle Fu’s face was really strange.
So Uncle Fu, apart from him worrying over Mu Nian Qing, his expression would always remain smiling.
She quietly followed behind Uncle FU, Xin Ci could then take notice of You Ming Castle’s beautiful surroundings.
Bright and multi-coloured rocks were placed beside the spacious pathway, surrounding an emerald green lawn. Alongside the lawn a row of white epiphyllum grew, it was very moving.
She closed her eyes lightly and breathed deeply, before opening them again, waves of happiness came from her face.
The air was permeated with the fresh fragrance of the white epiphyllum, making her confused heart settle down a lot more.
“We’re here.”
Hearing Uncle Fu’s voice, Xin Ci looked at the pavilion in front of her.
She didn’t know if it was related to its location or the heavier humidity, it felt like a fog was floating around the pavilion surrounding, it looked like a mirage.
Seeing Xin Ci’s expression Uncle Fu explained to her.
“This is You Ming Castle’s most mysterious place, all year round it is shrouded by faint cloud and mist, warm in winter, refreshing in summer. Looking at the sky at night you can still see a sky filled with stars. I don’t know if Lady cousin is satisfied with this place.”
Xin Ci turned to Uncle Fu and smiled.
“Thank you for your troubles Uncle FU, I really like it.”

[1] Red string of fate/marriage. It’s an ancient Chinese legend that the Chinese deities would tie invisible red string around the ankles of two people that one-day fate would bring together. The invisible string would be their way of finding one another.

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