"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 44 Nourishing the Foetus

Early next morning, Mu Nian Qing woke and left You Ming Castle again. Xin Ci’s day was the same as usual, nothing changed. Only her stomach grew bigger, but the baby was very good, Xin Ci had no symptoms which could harm her, it was very peaceful.
Today, Wen Kai lifted his head to look at Xin Ci. Seeing her seriously appearance his gaze became gentle, but after seeing her stomach his eyebrows frowned tightly. It should only be around three months old, why does it look four months old.
When he returned to his senses, he had already walked in front of Xin Ci. Without a word he lifted up Xin Ci’s wrist.
Xin Ci was shocked at first, before warmly smiling. Doctor Wen always would check her pulse without a warning. She was already used to it.
Just seeing Wen kai’s eyebrows draw together, with a little bit of worry in his eyes. Xin Ci became really nervous, is there something wrong with her baby?
Wen Kai let go of her hand.
“From tomorrow on, you don’t have to come again.”
Xin Ci stood up, nervously.
“Is there something wrong with my baby?”
Wen Kai did not reply, should he tell her?
“Xin Ci, are you sure you want to give birth?”
“Yes, this is mine and Wu Qing’s child, I will definitely give birth. See him grow up.”
The child, was her pillar right now. No matter what happens, she must give birth.
“Then you need to go and nourish the foetus, your body is too weak, walking often, get a bit of sun, get some fresh air, it will be good for your future birth. Sitting in here every day, isn’t good for you or your child.”
Wen Kai turned to the medicine cabinet and grabbed some medicine, what could he say? Tell her what to use how to use, as if she’s fragile, as if she’s strong, as she’s already decided to give birth, whatever he says would be useless. All he could do now, was to keep the damage to her body to a minimum.
Handing over the medicine to Xin Ci, Wen Kai turned and went into outside into the courtyard.
He also wanted to rest a bit.
Xin CI looked at Wen Kai’s back, suddenly she felt an unspeakable loneliness.
Researching medicine seemed to be the only thing that exist in his life, every day she came he would be researching medicinal herbs, when she left he was adjusting medicinal herbs. He actually was a very good person, only his entire heart was on medicinal herbs.
She lightly sighed.
Since Wen Kai left the house he’s heart did not settle, seeing Xin Ci’s back gradually disappear, he stuck out his hand, wanting to hold something. In the end he was still powerless to put it down.
Enough, he still didn’t understand how much he loves her husband? Her kind of pureness, how could he sully such a divine woman. It’s fine to be just by her side.
When did he start to care about her? Is it when he first saw her? Or was it when she stubbornly wanted to learn medicine. Maybe it was when she disregarded her own safety to save someone and told him, her status even if it’s more humble is still a life. He couldn’t think clearly, and didn’t want to carry on thinking. Since he now cared about her, he could not push her away.
He sighed lightly, turning he thought about retuning to his room to continue to keep company with herb ingredients, only then he would not be bothered by any troubles.
Just as Wen Kai turned, he saw Mu Nian Qing holding a someone as he walked quickly. Without waiting for him to regain his senses Mu Nian Qing had already passed him to rush into the house.