"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 28 Ying Xue

“Then Lady cousin please enter and rest, I’ll send some maids over right now.”
Xin Ci shook her head slightly.
“No need, I like quietness, one maid will be enough.”
Uncle Fu hearing these words, liked it so much he couldn’t close his mouth.
This Lady cousin was really great that nothing can be said, satisfied, I’m very satisfied.
Uncle Fu laughed loudly as he left, Xin Ci also turned and entered Lan Yun Pavilion.
Inside was clean and tidy, with one glance you can tell someone often came to tidy. Silently she entered the bedroom, looking at her surroundings she was very gratified.
At first glance the room was decorated plainly not of considerable value but arranged appropriately, it doesn’t have a bit of luxurious feeling, on the contrary it looks very unique, simple yet elegant.
Sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, the thing in her hand was silky to touch.
Since she had left the Hidden Castle Xin Ci could not sleep peacefully, although she had not known Wu Qing for a long time, but she was already used to Wu Qing’s smell.
While she was lost in thought, she heard the sound of footsteps entering. Xin Ci raised her head, seeing a young maid walk in front of her and bowing slightly.
“Ying Xue has seen Lady cousin. Does Lady cousin have any instructions?”
Xin looked at the clever young maid in front of her.
“Ying Xue? That name is very pleasant to hear.”
“Thank you for the praise Lady Cousin.”
Ying Xue’s face slightly reddened, she didn’t dare to break the rules.
“I wonder if Lady cousin has any instructions.”
“I want a bath.”
She had not washed for a few days, and now she can relax.
“Lady cousin wait a minute.”
Ying Xue finished speaking, turned and left.
No longer than a minute, she saw her enter, bringing four people with her, placing the bathtub in the hall outside, and placing a screen in front.
After the four people left, Ying Xue returned to Xin Ci’s side.
“Lady cousin, Ying Xue will now wait upon your bath.”
Having spoken she raised her hand wanting to take off Xin Ci’s outer clothing.
Xin Ci raised her hand to stop her.
“No need. You can withdraw. I can do it myself.”
Ying Xue didn’t nag and slightly bowed.
“If there is anything Lady cousin don’t hesitate to call me.”
Xin Ci nodded her head, Ying Xue turned and left, closing the door.
Removing the piece of cloth from her head, taking off her clothes, Xin Ci soaked her body deeply into the bathtub, her entire body relaxed.
The few days of being constantly on the move had caused Xin Ci’s crotch to be bruised by the horse saddle, even though it was painful, Xin Ci did not raise the issue once.
“Perhaps leaving was the best decision.”
Xin Ci helplessly sighed.
Quickly she finished washing, rising she took a towel and wrapped herself up before returning to the bed.
Her body was already extremely worn out, before her hair dried she lied on the bed and fell into deep sleep.

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