"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 72 How Awkward?

Wen Kai was lost in thought by himself in Fang Cao House, he was already awake when Xin Ci left, he knew Xin Ci seeing him would be embarrassed, he simply pretended to sleep to let Xin Ci escape.
What will happen after, he simply didn’t know. Will Xin Ci start to drift away from him? He was most clear about discovering medicine.
“Shi Gu Qing” will stimulate someone’s ****, making someone lose themselves, but the suffer would clearly remember everything that happens.
As he was thinking deeply, Ming Zhu pushed open the door to Fang Cao House and entered.
“Wen Kai.”
Wen Kai lifted his head to coldly look at Ming Zhu. Ming Zhu at the same time felt a cold wind blow against her body, she helplessly shivered slightly a few times.
“Why are you here? Don’t tell me you think it’s convenient to ask me for aphrodisiac right now?”
That…Ming Zhu smiled feeling embarrassed.
“Ahah, you already know.”
With a“[pang]” Wen Kai slapped the table and stood.
“Ruan Ming Zhu, next time don’t drag Xin Ci into your business.”
Ming Zhu hearing him cracked open her mouth and laughed, she laughed until her stomach hurt.
“Haha. Wen Kai, speaking of that, you should be thanking me.”
Wen Kai frowned, looking at Ming Zhu. Yet Ming Zhu was still laughing, not knowing in the slightest that danger was approaching her.
“I already heard, haha. Wen Kai you too. How could you be so rough. You should have been gentle with Xin Ci, like my blockhead…”
Ming Zhu hadn’t finished speaking when Wen Kai had already thrown out the gold silk in his hand, in a short time, Mu Nian Qing suddenly rushed in fingers wrapped around the gold silk, rescuing his own wife.
“Wen Kai, Ming Zhu is my wife.”
Watching the brother in front of him, Wen Kai could only retract the gold silk.
“Mu, please look after your wife, don’t let her appear in my line of sight.”
Ming Zhu to one side was already so angry, she wanted to rush over and tear Wen Kai to shreds.
“Hey, I helped you with such a big thing, you really are dislikeable.”
Ming Zhu was so angry she turned around not looking at Wen Kai. Her heart however was very happy.
Her blockhead was still the best, that scene just now greatly moved her, when they returned she’ll reward him well.
Mu Nian Qing looked at Wen Kai, softly speaking.
“Wen Kai, I already know about the whole thing. Ming Zhu was wrong to begin with, but I don’t think this was a bad thing. Think about it.”
Having spoken he turned around dragging Ming Zhu to leave.
“We’ll go back first, let him calm down.”
Ming Zhu nodded her head at what he said, leaving Fang Cao House with Mu Nian Qing.
Wen Kai seeing the backs of them as they left was deep in thought, the backs of Mu Nian Qing and Ming Zhu leaving looked so happy, he also wished he could have such simple happiness.
Sighing slightly, yes. Why was he being awkward.
Taking a bottle of medicine, Wen Kai headed to Lan Yun Pavilion. He really missed Xin Ci right now, and so, he should go and see her.

T/N: Good move WK don’t make a girl feel used!!!

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