"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 85 Lian Xing

T/N: WARNING! This chapter is quite graphic don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

“Lian Xing” was number one of the five major tortures in the Hidden Castle. That is, people were tied up left to the sun’s exposure, and whipped with a whip soaked in chilli water. And then pour salt water over them. After three days they are tied to the middle of the castle’s entrance on public display.
Wu Qing frowned slightly, watching the crowd without a word.
Fei Yan’s words were like a bomb dropped on the crowd, everyone whispered in each other’s ears in discussion.
“Lian Xing” from when it was created was only used once, that was on a previously popular thief in the Jianghu, in the first place he unexpectedly passed by the hidden Castle and entered, thinking of stealing rare martial art books. In the end was caught on the spot by the Castle Master at that time, thereby implementing the “lian xing”. Every common person listened to ancient philosophies , that sort of death was extremely horrible. Decay spread over whipped skin, the skin on the face and arm would completely burst open, like paper, large pieces by large pieces will fall off. The skeleton like body will be so dark as if they were burned to death while still alive. No flesh on the face would only mean their widened eyes could be seen. Other parts could no longer be recognisable.
Even though Shen Xin Ci was the murderer who killed the former Castle Master. But making this girl suffer that sort of torture, everyone’s hear couldn’t help but be scared. Even if they supported the decision, they were convinced no one would dare to look at her corpse.
Xin Ci powerlessly kneeled on the floor, hearing their lowered voices she also understood it was a very cruel punishment. But she definitely did not think about how tragic it was.
To her death was an absolution, although she couldn’t let go. But she believed her cousin and Wen Kia would look after her children well. Only she didn’t know if her husband had heard what she had said, or he had heard but did not care.
Qing Long sullen in the middle of it, nevertheless moved forward, one fist cupped in the other hand, lowered his head slightly.
“Castle Master, this subordinate does not think this torture is appropriate at all.”
Fei Yan turned her head towards Qing Long, glaring.
“Oh? I wonder what insights Qing Long has on keeping the law.”
Qing Long hearing Fei Yan was very angry with her reaction, he lifted his head, seeing in Wu Qing’s eyes that he wanted to ask him for his opinion. Seeing Wu Qing nod his head Qing Long then stood up, saying loudly.
“Lian xing is too cruel, and as she’s a woman it’s very likely she couldn’t even endure the whipping and die first. If it’s like that then it would that be advantageous for her. Didn’t Lady Fei Yan suggest Lian xing because she wanted to torture her to death?”
Fei Yan frowned as she looked at Qing Long, without the sharp look from just before.
Wu Qing slowly drank a mouthful of tea. He opened his mouth without a trace of emotion.
“What do you feel is the best method?”
“This subordinate thinks, we can offer this woman as a sacrifice to the heaven. To pay Castle Master Ouyang with her own life.”
Qing Long’s face was rigorous, there wasn’t a trace of change in his look. But speaking such words in this way nevertheless shocked people’s souls.
Offering a sacrifice to the heaven, their understanding was an alter would be arranged, in the middle a cremation platform. And the person to be sacrifice, after the fire had been lit, walk step by step from the cremation platform to the centre of the alter burned until practically nothing is left. Enduring the pain of the scorching flames burning on the body, burned to death while alive.
Wu Qing narrowed both his eyes, with a beautiful cruelness. Everyone watched Wu Qing, waiting for his decision.

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