"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 29 White Hair

Early morning, sunlight shone through the window, covering Xin Ci’s pale face.
Ying Xue carrying a washbasin gently entered.
Once she saw Xin Ci’s white hair, shocked she overturned the washbasin.
Xin Ci was woken up by the sharp cry. Opening her eyes she saw Ying Xue trembling watching her, finger pointing at her shivering slightly, immediately she understood. Yesterday when she saw them she had deliberately wrapped up her hair, she must have been surprised to see her white hair.
“[Bang]”, the room door was pushed open strongly. Mu Nian Qing hurriedly clutching clothes rushed in.
“What happened?”
Ying Xue seeing Mu Nian Qing anxiously kneeled.
“Sorry, it’s this servants fault, I disturbed Lady cousin’s rest. And caused the Castle Master to be alarm. This servant knows she has done wrong, please Castle Master issue a punishment.”
Xin Ci was only wearing an inner garment, it was inconvenient for her to leave the bed, she lifted the quilt to cover herself.
“Cousin, it wasn’t Ying Xue’s fault. Don’t punish her.”
Mu Nian Qing already knew why Ying Xue had shouted, inside his mind he was cursing Nangong Wu Qing, hurting Xin Ci like this. His appearance still gentle and smiling.
“I understand.”
He raised his hand to lift up Ying Xue, placing the clothes into her hand.
“Ying Xue, it’s because cousin had suffered injuries that her hair colour changed to white. I hope you will continue to look after her, you don’t have to be afraid of her.”
“This servant was wrong, I was too shocked, scaring Lady cousin.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded his head satisfied. Looking towards Xin Ci.
“Cousin, I prepared a few items of clothing for you. Change into in a bit. There was a time constraint so I couldn’t prepare much, after some time I’ll find a tailor to make you a few more.”
Xin Ci nodded her head.
“I’ve troubled cousin. Xin Ci don’t need many clothes. And I don’t want people disturbing me.”
Mu Nian Qing looked at Xin Ci’s haggard appearance, her heart filled with unspeakable pain. But he couldn’t be too intense, it’s fine as long as she’s by his side. A lot of things can be dealt with slowly, separated for so many years, feelings also have to be slowly nurtured. At the least she needed to stop calling him cousin.
“I understand, Ying Xue will bring breakfast over in a bit. Afterwards Lady cousin’s three meals a day and everyday life will be very well prepared. I won’t allow anyone to enter Lan Yun Pavilion.”
Ying Xue bowed slightly.
“Servant understands, please be reassured Castle Master.”
Xin Ci gave Mu Ning Qing a slight smile, softly saying.
“Thank you cousin.”
Mu Nian Qing nodded his head.
“Im going back first, if there’s anything make Ying Xue come and find me, or Uncle Fu.”
Seeing Xin Ci’s smile, Mu Nian Qing turned and left the room.
Xin Ci dropped the quilt, sitting up on the bed.
“Give me the clothes and it’ll be great if you get me another basin of water.”
Ying Xue placed the clothes on the bed, without speaking she slowly backed out.
A servant responsibility should be to help put on Lady cousin’s clothes, but Lady cousin has a sort of power, her words makes anyone who hears it go and do it without complaint.

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